Bitcoin Ascension Unique Crowd Funding platform

Hello Everyone,

     First off i want to say a Great BIG thank you to Ivan Miric and his Team for creating this wonderful program that i know in time will help many people when they need it most and will help small local charities that are located around its member base.

     On to the program "BITCOIN ASCENSION" this is a very unique program in the fact that is it not MLM or any kind of forced matrix program.  It is a crowd funding program .... a monoline program ..... meaning there is no breaking off of people that widens out how many you need to cycle thru the program.  prime example is the kick starter campaign ..... 1 table - 12 members and that is it ..... when you recieve 12 donations ..... you recieve 0.00255 BTC into your back office to do with what ever you please ...... by into more positions or withdraw it to your BTC wallet to sell off for CASH in your country's currency.

     There are 4 campaigns currently in this program:

  • Freedom { 5 Tables , 15 member donations to cycle / table }
  • Kick Starter { 1 Table, 12 member Donations to cycle }
  • Go Getters { 2 Tables, 5 member Donations to cycle / table }
  • Hot Shots { 2 Tables, 5 member Donations to cycle / table }

     I personally have already had 2 Kick Starter positions cycle since the campaign launched on the 24th of February this year.  we have a strategy that if followed with little variances you can make a good bit of BTC to withdraw or to share with your friends........

     We also have a voucher system were you can purchase vouchers to give away to get more people into this awesome program of which i have some already to be given away just need someone to give em to.  My plan is to have vouchers for all the campaigns in this program at some point so it wont matter what campaign you want to start on < My suggestion would be the Kick Starter Campaign > as it will be the fastest one to cycle and once it cycles you will have enough to get into the higher paying campaigns.

     After the Kick Starter Cycles, you can use the profits from that to get started in the Go Getters campaign, then after it cycles the first table you will have enough BTC to get into Hot Shots .... and from there the sky is the limit.

Get your Chance right here for one of the free Vouchers ----> Random Voucher Code { 1 of 4 Campaigns }

     As I personally cycle thru the campaigns in this amazing program i will be getting Vouchers in the top 3 campaigns to be giving away so that people can get involved with Bitcoin Ascension with out having any out of pocket exspense, now that is putting your money where your mouth is ..... in a manner of speaking.

This article was published on 26.02.2021 by Thomas Tucker Jr.
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Bitcoin Ascension - Charity, Free to join

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