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How To Retire With No Money Issues?

Planning for retirement focuses on money.  The retirement stage means you will no longer be able to have regular paycheck coming in.  For some, retirement means substantial cut in their monthly income.

It is likely that you may have working retirement.  That is oxymoron perhaps.  For many of us it may not be.  For some it may not be for financial reasons only, but for staying active and “alive”.  According to recent studies it is estimated that people 55 to 64 made up 26% of new entrepreneurs.

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Being involved in a business activity during retirement may be good for many reasons, including it may very well provide better lifestyle.

Maintain healthy lifestyle as extra income will enable you to afford healthy diet, medicines as needed

Avoid loneliness as being involved in business activities, you will be dealing with people, in person or virtually.  You will have necessary human interactions

Travel homeland and the world- Most of us planned to travel when we retire.  With business activities, now you can travel.  You can travel a there will be earnings from, or you can conduct your business wherever you travel.  If you are to travel the world, be sure that you are covered via your health insurance, including Medicare.

Giving Back to Society- As one gets older, there is that sense of helping people of need.  Now that you have opted for business venture, you may have extra money, to spend on others- those in needs, grand kids.  After all, giving positively impacts your well-being, especially during golden years.

Unfortunate as it may be, never stop working is not much of a retirement strategy.  Working may not be possible as health problems and limited job opportunities keep seniors out of the workforce.

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Fortunately, you may be retiring in an era where you can be productive (and earning) in your senior years and yet be a contributing member of the society.  There are many opportunities that you can pursue.  All you will need computer, internet, and a phone.  Most systems can be operated easily, and most entities offer training.  Smartphones, social media platforms are becoming simpler to use (If you are stuck, you can count on grandkids to help you out!).

The best part will be that you will be retired and yet earning money.  You will not have to account for your time to anyone.  You will be having fun.  So not bad, you will be able to split the difference between joy and income. You will be ensuring jubilant golden years.

This article was published on 10.07.2020 by Prakash Kunjeer
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