Persistence Trumps All. Keep It Moving!

If you have not developed persistence your entrepreneurship may be

 short lived. Promoting a business takes more than a notion!

Required, Blood, Sweat And Tears!

Of all the traits that are necessary to succeed. Persistence must

be the the one most developed!

When engaging in business you must train yourself to not be governed

by your feelings. To succeed at your task feelings must be put on the back 


To keep myself moving forward I quote this maxim to myself. 

Self Talk Helps!

 I will do what I have to do whether I want to or not!

Be encourage to practice saying this to yourself daily.  Each time you come up

against a seemingly unmovable object. Find the solution. And, push forward.

As you surmount each road block inner strength and will power will power.

 Success becomes natural to you!  As an Over Comer, you are positioned

 to help others!

After you overcome many challenges you welcome the next test! 

Your are unstoppable!

Succeeding becomes second nature. Failure is never an option.

Study all great men and women, you find persistence is the core and 

abiding characteristic. Winners, must have it!

What comes along with build persistence is a measure of patience.

Success Comes With Personal Development!

Persistence and patience go hand on the upward march to success!

we are not born with patience. It comes after persistently getting up

after being knocked down again and again! Eventually, you have both!

Eventually your big break through arrives! Not quitting guarantee your

 eventual success!

Some say that when you lean forward. The universe leans toward you. 

Winners, do what they must do. When it is time to do it. Whether they 

want to or not!

Persistence In Action!

Listen to  CEO Byron Belkar the CEO Of Rain International!

This young CEO who was once a representative of Rain International found

the resources to buy the company. And, became a Category Creator.

His persistence is legendary in the ihe Health and Wellness Industry!

Today this stellar company has offices in 48 countries. 

When all is said and done persistence is the one trait that must be

developed to the fullest.

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This article was published on 16.01.2021 by Coach Gaymon
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