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Tired of MLM companies that burn hot for a little bit then crash and burn because their product didn’t stand up to the hype? Products that make questionable health claims backed only by questionable “science”? A fad that people didn’t know they needed until you told them about it?

Now don’t get me wrong, there are a ton of advantages to the MLM model. No boss, no set schedule, no overhead in many cases, and minimal investment beyond your time. But who do you market to? Friends and family? Maybe that worked the first time, but after they’ve heard you pitch the latest thing a time or two they are a “no” before you even get the first word out. Hit up my church group or post a bunch of flyers around town? Definitely too old school in 21st century. Ah, social media! Everybody’s doing it! Yep, EVERYBODY! And maybe if you are a real social media guru you can build out a target audience in a few months, but if you aren’t then what? Hint, if you are all the better!

So you’ve tried this kind of thing before and even have had some success before the product fad wore off, or maybe your timing was late and you got stuck holding the bag in one of those party planner things. Patriot Shopping Switch has a unique model that doesn’t involve selling products that you bought at “wholesale” hoping you can hype your customers enough to get them to pay 2-3X what comparable products cost. In fact we don’t sell period. Our marketing is driving more qualified leads than we can handle, so you don’t have to chase anybody! Leads that don’t cost you anything and will not be given to anyone else! And the best part? Customers that try us one time have an extremely high re-order rate and stick with us for years with you getting paid every time they order. In other words, the work you do today will pay you for years and years to come, True residual income.

Sounds good so far, right? What’s the catch? I know that’s what you’re thinking. This is for serious marketers only. You have to be willing to put 20+ hours a week into your business. You have to show up! You will be screened, much like a job application. As of this announcement I have room for three serious marketers.

For an interview email me at The goal is to have qualified marketers trained and ready to go by January 1, so timing is critical. North America based marketers only and US based preferred. Must have prior network marketing experience!

This article was published on 13.12.2021 by Gene Cross
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