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have you ever heard about tap rooting???

Am sure you've heard of tap root while in your nursery/primary school Days but that is different from tap rooting in network marketing though, the concept is almost the same thing.

Have you ever sponsored someone and you realise the person is no way to be found?? He doesn't take nor return your calls, he doesn't come for seminars, no activity of any kind. Have you experience that? If you haven't, you are lucky because I have experienced it many times in my business.

Most members will be extremely excited at first. The will talk big games immediately they sign up. They will say so many great things that they intend to accomplish in the business. If you are emotionally attached to the outcome in your business like I was during my early days in network marketing, you can easily raise your hope.

They say all these things and after a month or two, you don't hear from them again. 

Though, this is inevitable in our industry but it can be reduced.

I today's training, I want to show you how you can reduce the rate of attrition in your network marketing business team.

It will help keep most of your members for a while if not longer and it will enhance your team's momentum.

From my experience, having being actively involved in this great industry for 4.5 years, I see false expectations to be the main reason for attrition in our team. Most people sign up thinking that network marketing business is a bed of roses. They usually think that it will be easy to build but when they realise that there's work to be done, they run home And you won't hear from them again. 

They leave without any notice. This is mostly because they don't have anything tangible to loose in the team when they leave that way.

So, the only way to reduce the rate of attrition in your team, is to give your team members something to loose as quickly as possible after they've signed up.

From analysis, people are motivated by one of two things 

1) fear of lose

2) pleasure for gain.

The greatest motivator among these two is the fear of lost and that is where tap rooting comes in.

Like I said earlier, tap rooting won't stop attrition in your team, but it will reduce the rate of it.

It will make your team members hang around for a while if not longer.

The fear of lost will make them to stick around.


Here is how to apply tap rooting in your network marketing business.

I will be explaining to you what you should do if you recruited someone offline or online 


The main idea about tap rooting is getting people under your newly registered members as fast as possible. 

Having people under them will enable them stick around for a while if not longer.

Here's how to go about it.

Immediately after you've signed up a new person, at this point the person is super excited about his or her business. You don't want to let that excitement be a waste, you have to help the person channel that excitement appropriately.

Demand for 20 of his best contact that he is certain are likely to join him in his business.

Get those contacts, sit with him there immediately after his or her registration and schedule a meeting in his house with those people at his house. Let them know that you got their number from your newly registered member and that you will be in his ( your newly registered member) house at a particular to date to show them how to make money with it through your business.

Everyone likes making money, if your newly registered member's reputation is great, they will all come to see what you will have to show.

The date for meeting with them should be a day or two after your newly registered members registration. Your ability to help your new recruit sign up his own people as soon as possible, will enable them keep doing The business. 

They won't like to leave because the fear of loosing his or her downlines will be there.

It is advisable to do this immediately after the person signs up. Members usually do alot of work during their excited phases in the business that is what you should take advantage of.

On a side note; while this concept may work on many of your new recruits, many of them may still not want to give out any contact and these are normally the ones that don't usually go far in the business but your ability to make them understand why they have to do it can be the difference between their success and failure in their business


Since you have already been exposed to the concept of tap rooting, which is working with the newest most excited person that joins your team to get his or her team members as soon as possible. 

In this online tap rooting, as the name implies, everything is done online. 

You can also assist your newly excited team members if you choose to be using the online tap rooting approach.

You can do this on any platform depending on the platform you are using to build your business, but I will be referencing this training to WhatsApp chat application.

I like closing most of my prospects on WhatsApp because to me it's the most simplest platform that anyone can use.

Ok lets proceed.

Here is how to taproot using WhatsApp.

Once you sign up a new member into your team, like usual, the person is excited about his or her new business and since they are excited, you have to channel the excitement. 

You can ask the person to either send you the numbers of his warm market prospects ( people they know) who they are sure are likely to join them in their business.

Or they can use this second approach.

Remember that your work is to help them sign up someone under them as soon as possible so that the stick around for a while if not longer.

Tell the person to write out the names of 20 of his friends that are serious minded people who will like to do business with him.

Let him contact them there and pre inform them that he will be adding them to a WhatsApp group where full explanation about a business will be given..

After that, let him add them to the group and you can pick up from there.

Assign a convenient time for the explanation but make sure it should be that day.

After you are done with the explanation, your aim is to ensure that he ( your new member) has one or two people to start working with, so make sure you close his prospects properly. You may decide to give his people a real call to discover their objections.

If done properly he or she will have few people to work with instantly.

Once you have been able to help him or her sign up someone, go implement the same process with the new person and help them sign up someone too as soon as possible.

This process is known as tap rooting. You are tapping into your downlines downlines downlines. This usually create lots of excitement in the team, and it also makes you discover leaders in your downlines. Above all it makes majority of your team members to stick around because they will have the fear of losing those people who are already under them if they quite.

Network marketing business is fun when you do it right.

You don't have to be physically available with your newly registered members before you can implement tap rooting.

You can use the online Tap rooting approach to make your team members hang around for a while if not longer

Final thoughts 

Tap rooting is a process of helping your new recruits or downlines recruit his or her people as soon as possible and helping your downlines downlines to do same too. 

You are to continue this process deep into your team. It will enable many of your downlines in different generations to have something to loose in their matrix if they decided to leave the business. Because of this, most of them will stick around. 

Was this training helpful?

Do you have any questions or contribution if yes, Kindly leave a comment below 

Don't forget to share this training with your team members it will really help them.


This article was published on 14.10.2019 by Mac-Francis Ekpenyong
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