What would life be like without scented candles?

Hi, I would like to introduce our company to you all. We here at Jewelry In Candles, have many great opportunities for people who are interested in starting up their own business. You can work from home or enjoy being social and throw home parties. Our goal is to help everyone become successful, and ensure everyone has a great experience doing so. You will make 30% commission on your sales and receive lots of great rewards. We also offer 10% commission on your downline. Your downline consist of people you sign under you as a rep. They are your 1st in your down line, you receive 6% and anyone they sign is your second with you receiving 4%. Therefor you will receive comission off not only your own sales but from everyones sales on your downline. There is no quota you have to meet every month. All you have to do is keep your account active. To keep your account active you just have to log into your back office once a month as well as buy or sell one item every three months. Love what you do and enjoy your free time with family or friends. Our products are 100% soy and our jewelry is worth $10 to tens of thousands of dollars. We offer over 100 Scents to choose from in our Candles and tarts. We know what your next question will be, and yes jewelry is in it all!! You and your customers have the choice of women's or men's jewelry as well as earring a necklace or their ring. Don't forget they are able to choose their size! What other company offers that? We are in the process of getting new products all the time and have special deals as well as happy customers! JIC offers so many products, deals and offers, that keep us and our customers coming back and buying! It even gets better we have a Jewelry exchange program that allows customers to exchange their Jewelry if they are not satisfied or they have jewelry from our competitors this is just an added bonus to our company that makes it just that much better. Starting out with us will make you feel welcomed to our family and meet new friends from all over. Please feel free to check out our site and if you have any questions don't hesitate to email me for more information kmcgaffey@gmail.com 

Come join us now and let the candles burn 


This article was published on 16.02.2016 by Kassandra Mcgaffey
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