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How Do You Get More Leads To Your Business?

Hi Friend,

Are you struggling in your business to get more leads?  First, where are you going to talk to people?  Are you talking to friends and family?  Because that is the worse people to approach.   They don't have the right mindset nor do they have the desire to pursue a business.  Even though starting a part time business gives many tax breaks.

Your best option is really to go to people who are looking to start a business, or those who are already in a network marketing business.

For those that are already in a network marketing business, it's a fact that most of them are hurting in their business because the percentages don't lie.  What you need to do is disarm them and approach them as their friend in need.  They need help to build their business and if you have the tools and experience to help them with their business, you win.

Tools that educate them to be better marketers.   Tools that ease their pain and efforts, like even creating valuable content.  An overall marketing solution.  One that can even provide an additional income stream!

The other option is to look for people who are looking to start a business.  How come there are so many people coming into network marketing and most have no clue how to start or run it successfully?

What if you could get to the source of where these people are and help them? 

There's only one trusted source from a well known and trusted mentor that I follow and thousands of others use the same method as well.   Although many others have frowned upon cold calling leads from other sources, this source is by far the best there is with many testimonials to back it up as well.

The key is to make sure you get to know them first and then share your experiences in network marketing and having a home business and then suggest the company that you are in to share the lifestyle that you are living.

Of course all of this is leveraged based on the fact that you have a great opportunity that everyone can benefit from, as well as a strong team in place, training that you can provide and a duplication method that builds your team faster and better.

If you want to learn more and discuss further how I can help you, feel free to contact me below.


Rodney Poon


Skype: coachrodneypoon

Live by Design..

   NOT by Default.

       Join the Journey!

This article was published on 18.09.2015 by Rodney Poon
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