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Everybody wants to make money, but nobody wants to work. Myself included. I want to get up if and when I please, I want to spend my days doing exactly what I like. And I don't want to worry about money. Time, is what having money means to me. Time freedom. I've been searching for a solution for a couple of years, I've made money and lost money, but then I found this. Takes 3 minutes and 20 seconds, daily! I buy ad packs for 50 euros and they mature in approx. 125 days and each earn 60 euros. 20% profit.  They pay 5 levels deep, for a directly sponsored partner I earn 8%, next generation is 4%, then 3%, 2%, 1% and this is paid not only on first purchases but also for all repurchases! And my account is insured up to 45,000 euros, just in case, and accounts are held by a Swiss bank managed by a licensed Swiss Trustee, not the CEO. Also there is no third party pay processor, payments made from your bank or card.

When I bought 6 PR packs in December, I wasn't going to tell anyone, because of previous rejection, you know what I mean. But when I saw the money growing, just from clicking 10 twenty second ads per day, I couldn't help myself & to my surprise those previously skeptical of my former endeavours were all on board, with hardly any effort on my part. And that has been my experience ever since, when people look and understand, it makes sense to join. There is not a single financial institution that will pay 20% on your savings after 125 days. 

I have rarely been in a position to have healthy savings, ever noticed how things always seem to breakdown or fail at the same time? Then you dip into your nest egg to replace them and before you know it, it's gone! But what if you could have the opportunity to be your own bank? Think about that for a moment. So why not build an account with us and create a future of financial freedom? You can leave it in your Will for your children.

I now have 150 PR packs and will earn 72 euros for that day, however I will buy another pack and another and  another each and every day. So after a week I will have 7 more packs and at 157 packs I will earn 75.36 euros. The power of compounding. Amazing! My aim is to max out my account at 900 packs which will mean approx. 432 euros per day. Lazy days ahead....

My Dad is 83 years young and I have him clicking ads, earning Euros in Jamaica! Have you seen the value of the Jamaican dollar?! He doesn't have a business to promote, so I use his ad space to promote my other business and by advertising on the site I gained an Australian customer! Win,win,win! And don't let me get started about the unlimited earning potential of commissions! The Gold rewards! The Bitcoin account! 

By the way I'm a fantastically supportive team leader!

This article was published on 08.06.2016 by Lana Rugless
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