Rich People vs. Poor People

The world we live in today is a 180 degrees different from our parents or even our grandparents. But if you sit back and really take a look at the world today there is a significant shift that is occurring right now. Since the 1900s the world has gone through a significant shift before. It was when the people went from being farmers and raising crops to factory workers. It was the start of the industry revolution which began in the 1920s. It was the start of Big businesses. We start hearing about corporations, monopolies and there were a couple of high society families that ran the country (Rockefeller, Carnegie, Morgan, Vanderbilt and Kennedy). At this point you started seeing females going to work in the factories. Textile industries, manufacturing industries, construction of roads, houses, cars were on the raise. People who had the money or the know how, capitalized on this boom. There still were small business/entrepreneurs who also made a very good living during the industry revolution. If you were a deli owner, dry cleaner, butcher, pharmacy owner, furniture store owner, car salesman or a clothing store owner. You made a real good living during this time period.

As the years progress the industrial/manufacturing structure of our world has slowed down or changed and the introduction of the computer age is here. This really started in the mid to late 1970s. Where you see companies producing products that are smaller and can do more. Think about your telephone. I grew up with a phone attached to the wall, then came the cordless phone, now its the cell phone. People really don’t have a need for a home phone anymore. This computer age has triggered the second significant shift in the world. People are no longer wanting to go into work for 25 years with the same employer. People may do 5 or 6 years with an employer and switch jobs. I am seeing more people really focusing on entrepreneurship/ networking marketing or making money online. People are tired of dealing with bosses who are unappreciative, have poor management skills, who are bullies, and don’t have a clue about their job. People want to earn more, do more and they need the income. The wealthy lifestyle is being promoting more and more. Look at all the reality shows on TV now. Is about the wealthy lifestyle of the housewives, mob wives, doctors, entertainment industry/ rappiers, video females, and etc.

The cost of living keep raising and the yearly income earned is not raising in proportion to living expenses.

People want a way out! People want to know how to get rich. So they tend to join network marketing companies because its known to create more millionaires than any other business type or employment. So how does the wealthy become so wealthy.

For one the wealthy believe in earning income in several different ways. They will earn Linear, Residual, Passive and Leverage income. Here are the definitions of each type. Linear income - is known as work income, you receive a paycheck based upon the amount of work accomplished or the time you have worked. Residual income - is income resulting from cash flow received on a regular basis, requiring minimal to no effort by the recipient to maintain it. Leverage income - is income where you do the work once and you will get paid repeatedly for doing the work. Another way of saying it is income received for doing something 1 time that results income coming in over time. Perfect example is an author of a book. The book was written 1 time but the author gets paid every time the book is sold. Passive income - is receiving income from assets you have created or purchased. The rich create opportunities to be able to capitalized on earning income in all of the ways explained above.

Now verses the poor income...

The poor tend to only earn linear income. They tend not to know that there is other ways of earning income. They will go to work and trade their time for money. That is the way it was taught by prior generations. And the rich will leverage the poor to make company profits. The poor will spend their money on items that have no benefit (TVs, expensive clothes, etc). The poor will try to portray a wealthy lifestyle and be in major debt. The poor will have at least 5 to 8 or more credit cards with the limits almost maxed out.

But like I said there’s a shift. Its not only a shift in how companies are making money but there is a shift in the mindset of the average person. The average person is starting to become more and more curious about the “wealthy lifestyle.” So I dare to ask what is the mindset of the rich?

The rich mindset....

The rich will self educate themselves by reading personal development books, finding a mentor, master minding with like minded people. Their intimate circles are very small but the network of people they know is extremely big. The rich will leverage their network of friends, family and business associates. The rich will constantly create new opportunities that will provide earning income in several different ways. The rich mindset is positive based, goal oriented, ambitious, focus, creative, resourceful and etc. The conversations of a wealthy individual is totally different from a poor person. The wealthy don’t have time for gossip and/or negative talk. The rich is always looking for a way to create or build more to impact the world. I know there are some rich who tend to have a poor man’s mindset. They like drama or appear to like drama. But if you were with them behind the scenes they are extremely focus on creating more money. The wealthy are able to indulged in the finer things in life. They are able to experience life on their terms and that takes mental and actual work. Hence the reason why they will read personal development books for hours each day. Example- Mr. Warren Buffet, documented Billionaire reads books for 6 to 8 hours a day, everyday.

Versus the poor mindset....

The poor will be engulf in negative people, places or things. The poor will gossip about anyone or anything. The poor will view their life at being 1/2 empty. They will chase money and work 2 to 3 jobs to provide for their family. They don’t read and if they do they read, it’s about the news, which is constantly negative. They have no goals in life. They rather watch TV all day long and dream about being rich. They tend to live paycheck to paycheck or in survival mode. They always say I am trying to make ends meet. Ends do not meet by the way. Money doesn’t grow on trees. Well, actually money is paper and paper comes from trees and trees grow. God wants me to sacrifice. God wants all his children to live an abundant life. The poor tend to live their lives on auto pilot. Get up, go to work, come home and do it again day after day, year after year. So depressing...

Back to my point...

People want a way out! People want to learn how to properly earn money several different ways and invest it. The world has changed and you have to learn how to earn a living. People are starting to learn how to dream again. They are taking those goals off the shelf and want to change their lifestyles.

Do not sit around continuing to watch this shift and not capitalize on earning money several different ways or changing your family financial bloodline. Financial freedom is the new COOL.... Make it, save it and invest it are the new rules in the new economy. You have to create your own retirement because these employers are no longer letting you work 25 years. The term employee is disappearing and the new term consultant is here to stay. Consultants do not receive health care, days off or retirement benefits. Nope! You are NOW responsible for paying for those benefits and if you miss a day of work, you don’t get paid.

The time is now and the window of opportunity is only open for a short amount of time. I AM focused on help 100 people live of purpose, earn income in several different ways and having fun do it. Check out the video below and lets chat.

Please feel free to reach out to me on MLM Gateway with a comment or any questions.

Have an awesome day,

Bernadette Dockery


This article was published on 15.12.2018 by Bernadette Dockery
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