Who Else Wants To Learn How To Build A Targeted Email List Fast?

Agreed, building an email list can sometimes seem a little bit like a daunting task. 

I heard for years a phrase you're probably familiar with, "The money is in the list" To be completely honest with you, It is one thing for Internet Marketers to tell you that and quite another for someone to show you how to "hack" your way to building an actual email list that is responsive and recognizes you.

Whilst it is true that the money is in the list, you need to be aware that there is a science to building an email list, and in this short piece, I  will make do on my promise to show you  how to build a targeted email list fast and on a budget.

I'd like for you to be aware of certain things before we go any further, and they are:

1. This guide will serve as a pointer to the resources you need

2. I will not cover the technical detail and jargons of getting this done

3. I will attempt to make this task easy to accomplish

4. For those who want to take up the offer at the end of this guide, you will have an opportunity to get my mentorship 

As you may know, the traditional way of setting up an email list is with the big companies in the business such as GetResponse, Aweber, Mailchimp and the likes, but today, I will take you on a different route and show you how to setup a self-hosted autoresponder.

One of the challenges with working with the aforementioned companies is the the pain of keeping up with recurring costs on a monthly basis. Your fees increase with the size of your list. 

Also, you risk getting your account banned if they don't like what you promote (they mostly frown at affiliate marketing offers). This is I won't wish upon my enemies.

Albeit, I am of the opinion that rather than pay higher fees as your list grows, how about paying nothing for a period of 6 months plus for a small fee you get to send unlimited messages to an unlimited list? 

Better deal right?

Alright you're getting excited, if you stick with me to the end, you would have taken a giant leap in the right direction as far as building a targeted email list is concerned.

Alright, I assume you already know why this is important to your online business, for one, you get to automate your messages to your list of prospects, if you have a list of those who opted on your list for more information about your product or service or perhaps, you're interested in prospecting an email list of those who you do not know you but have left their details making enquiries about what you have to offer (known as cold emailing)

What You Will Need

To get started, here are the resources you need to have in the correct order:

Step 1 - read this detailed article/ guide on what you need to have together to get setup

Step 2 - you need to know what  to say to your email list, I will sweeten this for you, how about you check out a Gig on Fiverr where I hand to you over 219 Plus emails that you can adopt, adapt and model for your email list once you get your autoresponder setup?

Step 3: message me and let me know you're following, I will like to hold your hands as I show you some of the tricks to building your funnel/landing page etc.

Its dead simple, you could be selling his stuff to those who don't know jack about setting up an online business.

I will be holding a live webinar on how to get this set, one set at a time, 

if you're ready then let's go!

This article was published on 28.10.2021 by Sarah Ponder
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