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GoFounders Offers Game Changing Internet Marketing

Even though online business is still relatively new, the marketing systems are still functioning via old concepts. Emerging on horizon is new company GoFounders. GoFounders provides personalized tools and services for marketing activities.

GoFounders primarily acts as a sales platform for ONPASSIVE, MLM company. The technological products are being built by a team of highly qualified professionals. As it stands now, GoFounders is a one-of-a-kind business platform that can help enroll you into the matrix to make money passively.


The important features of the GoFounders are:

  • Marketing using artificial intelligence (AI)- These tools are plug-n-play. Tools are integrated with AI to enable complete automation for sales, promotions, and recruitment.
  • Team Building- GoFounders AI tools enable you to build and strengthen your team.
  • Huge Income- GoFounders enforces 3 X 10 matrix. This system allows a member to earn a commission from someone elses efforts.

The marketing has shifted rapidly recently as businesses are targeting mobile users because customers are spending more time on their mobile phones. AI can decode customer behavior easily as the phones are used regularly. Recent study indicated that over 50,000 searches made on Google every second. In a marketing area AI can measure the impact of campaigns created and its impact on audiences. The real-time analysis will enable AI to proceed or pause ad campaigns.

Significance of Artificial Intelligence

You are wondering, how is AI going to benefit internet marketing? There has been a disconnect between what companies want to solve and what problems the customers want company to solve. With the help of AI, companies will know exactly where to zero in to make customer happy. In multiple business area, automation has enabled people to change the way they connect and communicate. AI plays significant role in those areas.

It is likely that AI will help business entity to pursue target-based marketing. AI will enable business to scan, collate and define specific targets based on customers buying process.

Checkout the tools that are being offered by GoFounders:

  • Monitor Team Performance
  • Customized email templates
  • Send emails in bulk
  • Copying, sharing, and creating links
  • Custom link shortner
  • Webinars- upcoming and previous webinars
  • Powerful and useful downloads- videos, e-books, presentations
  • Motivational information to motivate your team members


GoFounders was founded in 2018 as a back office for OnPassive which allows members as founder and build team to earn passive income now and in the future. The founders can earn regular earning through its compensation plan that can guarantee absolute financial freedom for the rest of life.

Currently, GoFounders is established in 100 countries and has over 48,000 active members. All these members have complete access to all the tools and their benefits for free once the platform gets a launch.

In summary, GoFounders is a legitimate Multi-Level-Marketing company with various services to offer. You will inspire other invitees easily by highlighting how GoFounders can transform their lives as well.

This article was published on 06.07.2020 by Prakash Kunjeer
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GoFounders - marketing, network m, 25 USD to join

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