The SHIN DIG-ital 2020 - May 30 - 31st

I know about an event that could help a lot of people so I wanted to share.

If you're like me, who really knew the way we interact and do business had changed, but struggled to know even where to begin ... or you're online but know there's areas that you really need to step up ... This event could be the answer you're looking for on some topic or in someway to drastically improve results.

You'll learn so many things like: THE POWER OF A PERSONAL BRAND You don't have a brand. You ARE your brand. YOU are not your company, product, service or're YOU. : COMMUNICATION SKILLS Learn the communication skills needed to ASK powerful questions, evoke emotion, tell a compelling story and speak to your target market : DAILY 'DO OR DIE'S They are flat out important Daily Disciplines and Income producing activities necessary to keep focused, see progress and massively increase your self-confidence and belief : EMOTIONAL INTELLIGENCE Learn from the Leading Global experts in Emotional mastery teaching this doesn't mean avoiding emotion or being devoid of them... but knowing how to feel them and how our colleagues, prospects and audience feel WHY IT'S TIME TO SHINE  So there's this quote..."If you bring forth what is within you. What is within you will save you. If you do not bring forth what is within you. What is within you will destroy you" :  SOCIAL MEDIA MASTERY Social Media has now become a currency where we can bring value and expertise in exchange for monetary gain : ATTRACTION MARKETING MAGIC 'Everyone wants to buy...but no one wants to be sold' : KILLER CONTENT CREATION Learn the power and flow of engaging posts :  HOW TUNING IN IS KEY TO MAXING OUT Tuning IN, knowing your light, trusting your gut and aligning your message is KEY to your clarity and purpose : SOULPRENEUR MINDSET You have to be burning with an idea, or a problem, or a wrong that you want to right. : DIGITAL TOOLS TRAINING Motivation and clarity are essential in understanding the WHY behind what we do.


The lineup of legends here to share their wisdom is second to none.

Click/Copy the link below to get an overview of the program:

The SHIN DIG-ital Online Event May 30 - 31st 2020

The SHIN DIG-ital is an Elite 'No Name ALL GAME'  social and digital era on-line training event with the ALL- STAR line up to deliver. Learn from Legends in the areas of Personal branding, content creation, social media marketing, Facebook monetization, soul congruence in your message, nailing your niche, emotional intelligence and the mindset of mastery.' See you all soon

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The HARRISON Group Online

This article was published on 09.05.2020 by John D Harrison
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