Turning R300 into R80000

Ucn Its a R300 once off stockfel that gives profit from level 2 as R1500 and level 3 R2200 then final level R80 000 . that does not have time fraise but with a determined team and gr8 strategies u can achieve this in a short space of time. We also have rotation strategy to help people who fail to recruit.

 But for real there is no way u can't tell people about this specially ur family when u start to receive your profit 

 U only need 2people then u advance to level 2 then your 2 people must also have their 2 people,, like now I have 2 people already but am posting on Facebook to help my team those who don't have 2 people

 We help each other to recruit.


This will guide you 

You register with R300 once off. You register 2 people under you with R300 each it makes R600 then upgrade to level 2 by paying R600 to your upline.

A. 1st profit R600 x 4 downlines = R2400

They each pay you R600 The moment you receive the 1st R600, you open another account within your team (rotating strategy) with R300 & keep the other R300.

When you receive the 2nd R600, you add the R300 and pay R900 to upgrade to level 3.

Then receives your profit from the last 2 x R600 = R1200 for your personal use.

B. Second profit: R900 x 8 downlines = R7200

Open another account with R300 when you receive your 1st R900 & keep the R600 for upgrade.

Once you receive the 6th R900, you pay R5000 to upgrade to level 4 and keep R1900.

C. Final level ..R5000 x 16 = R80 000. 

Remember you paid R5000 above to upgrade to level 4. So, your last line of 16, when each upgrade to level 4, they pay their R5000 to you.

You can't upgrade beyond level 4 because the system wants other members to get a chance to move to level 4 as well. So, once you upgrade to level 4, the minute you receive your last R5000, the system kicks you out. That is the reason why we duplicate to have multiple accounts on different levels. There is no limit to the number of accounts you can have. More accounts, more money


Come and join the winning team with only R300 once off and receive R80000

This article was published on 16.05.2019 by Karabo Ratlabala
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