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So what do we do?

We buy physical 24 karat 999.99 pure currency grade gold bullion! We don’t trade in gold or buy “Virtual” gold, we buy actual physical gold and have it delivered to us. This is an investment that has stood the test of time since humans started to trade. We do this via an amazingly unique German company which allows ordinary people to buy currency grade physical Gold into a savings plan with an even better AFFILIATE model! Additional your ENTIRE network benefits with their unique Dual-System approach. The ultimate in Savings plan this is an opportunity to change other people’s lives more than your own.

PS: Bullion is privately issued gold that cant be taken away from you ! unlike  a Kruger Rand or most Government coins as these are Legal tenders thus technically by law can be recalled by governments. Also a Kruger Rand is only 22 carat gold which is not pure gold unlike the 24 (23.999) carat bullion we buy.

Our current paper based system is Currency and not Money so securing money in Stocks and Bonds is not a long term strategy.

So with what do we do it?

Well like anything you buy we use our normal bank accounts (Credit Cards) to buy the gold however now also use Bitcoins to turbo boost the process. Yes controversial I know but.... "The money is where the people are not". People out there have been doing this for years and making Billions, well now it’s our turn as well however the Gold is our insurance and safety net so an absolute must.Right now i have three different active Bitcoin mining Projects running as well several others with a Return on Investment of roughly 6 months, depending on how much you pull out or reuse.

So how do we do it?

So here it needs a little more explanation outside of this email but as mentioned we buy physical currency grade gold using among other things Bitcoins! From there we reproduce the system by helping other people change their lives by also investing and buying Gold! Additionally we help you setup a couple Bitcoins cash flow project to yip you guessed it buy more Gold. How awesome is that, we HELP other people to secure their futures buy buying gold! Ultimately we want to invest the profits into things like property but there is nothing stopping you from buying that Spur lunch, or new LCD TV :)

Yes, I now have some gold in my safe at home :)  ... before I move it to my offsite safety deposit box.

Save by Investing\Purchasing physical gold and get rewarded for showing other people how!

I am part of a team of 45 000 people with a 1000 Euro commission already paid out and at this point 3500Euro due to me in little under 4 months! Yes, it’s not a typo  Additionally I am generating an additional $100/month from our "Cash flow" projects, and that is just the start. Imagine that, using Bitcoins among other things to buy gold !

Awesome hey.

PS: Before we get to equally exciting Passive Income & Bitcoin stuff we need a stable "Insurance" which is why the Gold program is a must.

Ready for some more exciting times ???

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Gold Bullion Savings - Free to join -

This article was published on 17.04.2016 by Etienne Small
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