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How to recognize accurate information in a world full of crap

Wear a mask.
Get a shot.
Stay home.
Keep 6 ft distance.

People are dying, but it's no big deal.
Vax protects you, but still mask up.
You're immune, but sometimes not.

All based on whatever Dr. Faucinstein decides based on the direction of political winds.

Or maybe it's all true, and the other guys are crazy.

I learned enough in 5th grade health class to tell me everything I needed to know about this or any future germ-driven hysteria.

I have an immune system, and it works just fine.

It's an emotional issue, and all have to make their own decisions.

But how do you know who to believe?

Here's a hint for you...

If someone wants you to do something, and the only reason they have is "Because I said so", and they'll do anything they can to keep you from hearing any opposing viewpoint, then ask yourself...

"Why would someone want to hide this information from me?"

It's because they know that if you have access to the full story, their BS will be easily exposed for what it is.

Thankfully, it's a lot easier when it comes to online business.

"Really, Dave? Oh master mechanic of marketing on the interwebs. You expect me to take everything you say about marketing as gospel, and follow blindly whatever you lay down?"

Of course not. That would be stupid.

I can't say I'm always right, but I sure as heck know a lot of what works and even more of what doesn't. After almost 15 years of doing the online thang, mostly behind the scenes with people a lot further along than me, I've picked up a lot of good ideas.

That's why I've partnered with the people I'm connected to, and use the tools and software I use. Not because I can make a bunch of money promoting them (tho that is a BIG part of it). It's because those trainings and tools allow me to make the most of what I do at the least possible cost.

I suck at traffic, I'm only a decent copywriter, and I have zero design skills. My favorite colors are black and white, if that gives you a hint of where I am on the design scale.

I do know how to identify and source the best training and tools. 

But that's not my skill.

My skill is in showing you how to use those amazing tools and training to build your business to heights you may only have dreamed about. I know the machinery and how it works behind the scenes. I know what to do to create hordes of raving fans who will not only buy from you, but refuse to buy from anyone else.

I will show you what to do to stand out, demand attention, and create a brand so strong it'll be easily recognizable to anyone just because it's you.

You'll never get anywhere as long as you believe the training and tools will do it for you. You must figure out what you're missing, plug it in, and tweak it as you go.

Your marketing is broken. I'm the fix. 

It doesn't matter what you sell, or whether you call yourself an affiliate, a networker, a goo-rue, or a coach.

This will show you what you're missing

This article was published on 02.08.2021 by Dave Kotecki
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