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We are looking at one of the biggest security companies in the world and to do this we need to train people the right way by following the laws of every country.

We have looking worldwide and with your help we can provide jobs and security of employment. Not just creating jobs but futures for the next 100 years without breaking a sweat. this will be a new beginning starting with the first year creating 43 training Centre's in the United Kingdom and over 108 Training Centre's in the United States of America with an employment rate of 22,699,872 People within the (2) Two Countries. Our training comes at a price that no one can beat with all security fields in one price trained by Ex-Military from the UK & USA. Training cost In the UK £650.00 & $879.64 In the USA. Creating a better future for tomorrow. This is a 5 year plan with fast overturn in investments. Help us, Help you. 


1. Level 2 Physical Interventions Skills for the Private Security Industry

1A. Level 3 Award for Deliverers of Physical Intervention Training in the Private Security Industry

2. Level 2 Award in Conflict Management

2A. Level 3 in the delivery of conflict management training

3. Level 2 Door Supervisors

4. Level 2 Public Space Surveillance (CCTV)

5. Level 2 Handcuffing Training

5A. Level 3 Handcuffing Training

6. Ex-Military Jobs 

6A. Greater benefits then most other companies  

With you investment we can make jobs for millions of people without even breaking ourselves. 

i.e.: One UK Centre can make:

  • 144 Classrooms x 30 Trainees in each classroom = 4,320 Trainees every 3 days
  • 4,320 Trainees x 2 times a week = 8,640 Trainees
  • 8640 Trainees x £650.00 Each = £5,616,000.00 a weeks
  • £5,616,000.00 a weeks x 4 weeks = £22,464,000.00 a month

i.e.: One USA Centre can make:

  • 5000 Classrooms x 30 Trainees in each classroom = 150,000 Trainees every 3 days
  • 150,000 Trainees x 2 times a week = 300,000 Trainees
  • 300,000 Trainees x $879.64 Each = $263,892,000.00 a weeks
  • $263,892,000.00 a weeks x 4 weeks = $1,055,568,000.00 a month

Your Investment is Key for a TRIPLE RE-PAYMENT EVERY 6 MONTHS TURN YOUR £1000.00 INTO £2,000.00 every Month

Elite Tactical Force Limited

Private Limited Company

UK & USA Together a better today is a better tomorrow..

This article was published on 17.12.2020 by Leigh Turner
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Elite Tactical Force Ltd - international, 1000 USD to join

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