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How to start mining cryptocurrency at home for FREE?

Mining cryptocurrency at home

Did you know that you can get paid for browsing the internet, which is something we do everyday and all you have to do is download and install the CryptoTab browser for PC or your mobile device.

Can you guess how long we are online? Well for a start every year we are working and entertaining ourselves online more and more. During that time we are not paid one penny unless we are blogging and working in eCommerce. This means that most of us do not benefit from our efforts. At the moment the average time we are online is about 150 minutes and gets bigger everyday. 

A few years ago everything changed. Now you can earn Bitcoin for every time you go online and start browsing your favorite website, video or even podcast.


How to setup CryptoTab browser for PC or Smartphone?

Using the CryptoTab browser on your computer or on a mobile device are equally great ways of earning Bitcoins online. In fact, affiliates must use both methods so they maximize their income. For example, while they are working at home or in their office they use the CryptoTab browser like they would use any browser like Google Chrome. However, if they are on the move they can use the CryptoTab app. In theory, it is possible to use the browser and the app at the same time if you are working on a project that needs someone to use both methods. 

How to setup CryptoTab browser for PC? 

CryptoTab Browser can be found on the "Get Setup Today" link below:

  1. To install the CryptoTab Browser click on the link below.
  2. Click on the browser download button.
  3. When asked click on "Run" or in some cases "Save"
  4. If you click on save, it will mean that you want to save the file.
  5. To install the browser double click the downloaded file.
  6. Once you have installed the CryptoTab browser you will have the choice to sign in with your Google account. (This will allow you to import all your setting into your Bitcoin browser)
  7. Use CryptoTab Browser as your default browser.

How to setup CryptoTab browser mobile app? 

Once you have installed the CryptoTab browser for PC you will be offered the opportunity to install the CryptoTab browser mobile app via Google Play. 

 CryptoTab app in Google Play is called CryptoTab Lite and is a great service that gives you all the benefits of using your PC via your mobile device. 

 CryptoTab Lite allows you to enjoy fast internet browsing as well as access to all CryptoTab services and Bitcoin withdrawals without commissions.


If you are online all the time why are you not using search engines that pay you to search like CryptoTab. For the first time you can start mining cryptocurrency at home or at your office for FREE. So, click on the "Get setup Today" link below and get free Bitcoin using Crypto Tab browser today. 


This article was published on 22.03.2022 by Steven Jackson
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CryptoTab - Bitcoin miner browse, Free to join

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