Best Home Business I have seen for PASSIVE reps or GRINDERS!


Hi there, George Begalla here inviting you to look at a wonderful opportunity to earn money from your home or office representing great, worthwhile and valuable products. We offer high tech connection and communication products used for brick and mortar businesses as well as MLM/ NETWORKERS. We have been selling this retail to auto dealerships, realtors, insurance agencies, restaurants and many other businesses for several years. Now we have added MLM & NETWORKERS as prospects for our state-of-the-art products. Reps are loving our products because they give YOU a distinct advantage when you use them.

Premier Income Plan (PIP) has just opened the doors to the public for launch.

At a price anyone can afford, PIP will be the premier online business opportunity, guaranteed!

Some of the rewards:

a) 100% matching commissions on each and every person you sponsor.

b) Fast start bonuses paid weekly. Helps YOU earn from your day one.

c) 100% matching coded bonuses. Really explodes your income.

d) Purge. This benefits all reps because you do not lose when someone leaves PIP.

e) Compression. Developed with reps in mind, not the company.  Company wins when everyone earns.

f) Guaranteed 100% commission payout.

g) Low entry fee of $79.00

h) Low monthly usage fee of $59 and that is usually under what you are earning and you could easily never need to come out of your pocket with that fee since we are able to take your fee out of your commissions.

Some of our tools include:

a) Video email postcards program. Can be used in several ways such as a great contact tool for all your follow-up.

b) Mobile app for customer communication.  Record testimonials on the spot and more.

c) Webcam streaming app for websites/Facebook. Step up your business

d) Conferencing / webcasting service! Wait until you see what you can do with this tool. Retailing too.

New products are currently in development in house.

I wanted to let you know about this great program so you could Lock-In a top spot for only $79 before thousands of  other people lock in their spot ahead of you. You will always be at the top of your business.

You can get in on the GROUND FLOOR but BE ON TOP!

Listen up! You can become one of our affiliates and begin earning residual income like never before!

Join our LIVE WEBINAR Monday-Thursday @ 2 PM and 8:30 PM and 2PM Saturday Training:

Register now... it's only a matter of time before this amazing business goes viral. With your help it will get there faster.

Saving the best feature for last: We will help you succeed IF YOU WANT TO WORK YOUR PLAN. You will have all the best help you could ever want. We are in it to sincerely help people, like us, succeed in PIP.

See you at the top!

George Begalla


Hyphen Tech Inc. parent company.

This article was published on 17.02.2016 by George Begalla Iii
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