How to Follow Up With Potential Customers / Business Builders!

Hello, I hope you all are well. Thanks for taking the time out to read my post today.

I want to speak about the best way to follow up with potential Customers and Business Builders for your team. This is a crucial subject, once a person learns to master this skill, it will propel your business forward as you have never dreamed possible. This skill allows you to bring out your personal skills and your personality as well. Remember, people, join people that they like, know, and trust! So, allow your personality to shine and you will do just fine. Also, I want to mention as well that it's important to follow up with your potential members consistently. People don't always join you or even buy on the first attempt, sometimes it takes quite a few attempts to gain their trust enough for them to take that leap of faith. In the process of following up, it's important that you learn about them, their goals, and what they are looking to accomplish. Sometimes a person is only interested in your products only, or they are interested in just joining the business to make some extra money. Of course, this varies depending on the kind of business that you have and what you are offering your potential customers. 

Also, I want to add that it may take a total of 5 or more attempts to really get someone to make that decision to join you or buy a product or service that you are offering. It's important that each time that you follow up with your potential Customers or Business Builders that you add some additional value about your products or services/business opportunity and how it can benefit them. People are always asking themselves how this can benefit them, or what they will get from joining you or buying from you, so answer that question when speaking with them. They will not always ask you this question so you have to assume that they have this question in mind already and address it when speaking with them. 

So, what's the best way to follow up with your people? I have always been a believer that the phone works best, it allows the potential customer/business builder to know that you are a real person, plus this will allow you to learn more about them, regarding the sound of their voice which will tell you how interested they are from the sound of their voice. Also, to add it will allow you to express your personality and it will also create a stronger bond between you too. I am also aware that in these day's and times that text messages are the new way to communicate, use this to your advantage, you can use this in the first meeting or contact, as well as to provide additional information to them about your opportunity/products or services but I would encourage you to definitely pick up the phone and make calls. I remember when getting started in my online career I didn't use the phone, I always communicated through emails, and my income showed. It wasn't until I started making phone calls and really connecting with the people that I wanted to do business with when my income really grew. So, I'm speaking from experience. 

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This article was published on 18.09.2020 by Terry Walker
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