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MLM and e-commerce

Mlm is mostly described as a direct sales model of distribution of products and services. Variations do apply but it has been till today a market that needs distributors to promote and sell a product. For many years all the companies' trainings were focused on this kind of approach teaching their reps how to sell and some great marketing solutions. This model is not changing in the core as long as a company has a physical product. What is changing though is the "direct" approach.

The word Direct is taking on a new meaning. Gone are the days that direct meant you had an appointment with someone and you were taking orders for products. More and more companies focus and expand their e-shopping experience. That is absolutely normal because we are talking about a growing trend. MLM companies have to "compete" with giants like ebay,amazon,alibaba etc. While some distributors can use those shops to sell their products, a company needs to have in place a strategy to make their customers' experience more practical. In today's world you need to be online means that your products should be easily accessible by anyone. This is Direct under a new meaning; you may never meet in person with your customer! Through a link, he/she buys and you get credited! Thinking of a better way of expanding your business?

As direct sales was a revolutionary way of distribution, so is e-commerce. The ideal is that those 2 ways join forces.

Then 2 things happen. Products get a bigger range of customers and distributors can open new markets in geographical locations they could not dream about before. It is normal that MLM is following the trend of the times and getting on board the e-commerce train. Especially the old and established companies that have a presence in the market for ages, benefit from this. As far as the purchase of products is concerned it is now easier to find customers with no sign up obligations. People that only want the product and not the business opportunity and we know that the customers are the thing that makes a business not only survive but legal too. And successful in the long run.

My advice is to find ways for your products to go beyond borders. Beyond restrictions and get into the hands of people that are looking for them no matter where they are. In a few words; make an empire!
This article was published on 23.11.2015 by Milos Pavlicevic
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