Youngevity mission is being accomplish.

It has been a long road, trials, learning, fails, they said that in order to survive network marketing is by experiencing failures, which has become a true story for me.

But from failures come experience, learning, more responsibility, humbleness and direction, to know were you going to, it strengths your mind and hope, we become more aware.

Having a home base business is not an easy task, but with this new technology is more simpler but not easy.

 When you are looking to get into a home business, you do your research, who is the company, what is there mission, how can I benefit from their product, is there something that everybody needs?

Does your business fits your life style.

Our standard saying of the company is "Community, Opportunity and Passion".

There are millions of people that need our help, that want to improve their lifes and become more healthier as their age.

There is millions of cases all over the world about chronic diseases impacting most of the population because the lack of a good nutrition food.

Most of us got used to all process foods, fast quick easy to make food with all kinds of ingredients toxic to our bodies. We dont seem to feel the effects from a younger age but as you get older, you will feel the impact of the abuse you did to your bvody over the years.

Starting with diabetes, high blood pressure and hearth attacks, the number one killers all over the world.

 From there follows blindness, loose of nerves through out your body, even loosing parts of your body.

You than become limited to certain foods to eat,so with every sickness also affects depression.

Dr. Joel Wallach explains why we need 90 nutiants every day in our food to have a better healthier lives. You could watch his video on the website explaining who he is.

I feel that the best thing to do is be aware of your health  before you feel discomforts and is too late.

What is your health worth to you?

Do you know someone that might need your help?

Take action for the better _ Health - Prosperity - community with a passion

So follow the link and find out why Life is better here.

If you have any questions my business phone number is at my website, just click at my name.

This article was published on 12.08.2019 by Andres Amador
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