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The no diet no exercise weight loss program


I'm Pat Hamer, and I was introduced to something that definitely added years to my life, if not a decade! I know, but you're interested in making money! My weight loss program is so easy, I just post before and after pictures, or banners on ad share platforms, people get it without detailed complicated dissertations on why you should use my product. This company made me aware of this flaw in the MLM industry. We all want high tech products. But you have to educate people, or they will not buy or join! If you have time for that, be my guest! I quit! Never again will I educate people who don't really appreciate it anyway regarding why they should be in my MLM or not.

I've learned that simplicity is truly the best design, and when it comes to generating passive residual income, weight loss without diet or exercise, when it really does work, helps the very weakest of us who gave up on all the hype and "challenges." I wasn't in shape or had hope that I could fail another challenge! Now that I've lost 51 lbs, I am exercising, and I am eating a better diet. So, all you nutritional junkies, yeah, I get it now, but when people look like I did on the left there, they feel it's too late!

If you can relate, please take a free tour at thanks


Pat Hamer


Here is how you order after taking the tour. Go to Sign in, NOT REGISTER, using the "sign in" link in the upper corner. Then you will see "Pre-enrollee log in." Put the exact email you registered with in and hit enter. Then you can order product. The more you order the better discount you receive. If you want to earn the highest commission, and save the most this year in coffee, order the Business builder pack, and you must do the 100 BV auto ship, which is at least two boxes. However, most people order the 3 box auto ship because the third box is only about 15 bucks more. We do have a lot of members that just buy the one box, and reduce the expense with the commissions they make for referrals. They are not too serious about the business, and that's okay! They just are smart and get their product discounted through referrals. Those are great customers, and we appreciate the referrals, as well as I'm sure they appreciate the free or discounted product they receive. 

This article was published on 04.03.2016 by Pat Hamer
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