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How Network Marketers Are Building Their Business for Free on Facebook

I'm sure you've all heard this one before with generating leads for free especially on Facebook.

It's been a method that's been tried and true for many people making 5,6 and even 7 figure months in their business.

But if you're not totally familiar with it then the question might be, "How do they do this?"

There's a few ways but we'll be discussing only one way in particular.

And that is the idea of promoting value to your prospects.

Or better stated, promoting content that your audience can consume and possibly benefit from by learning something new. 

When it comes to Facebook or other forms of social media, people HATE the idea of feeling like they're being sold to by other people.

Which is why you'll almost never see a post about someone spewing out a billion different details about their business with a "ask me how or DM me for details" at the end get a whole lot of traction from anybody.

When it comes to Social Media, the entire reason why people get on there to begin with is ENTERTAINMENT.

But there are also people who like to learn form other people as well.

They want to know what other people are doing that is getting them ahead.

And if you're into MLM/network marketing then you want to know 1 thing...

It's how to generate leads and sales.

So what if a top a leader in the company I'm with showed you EXACTLY how he does it and has earned multiple 6-figures per year by doing so?

That's what this video will show you when you click on it.

He's going to show you step by step on where on Facebook he goes, who he decides to message or comment and what he says to the people he messages.

He'll also be breaking down on how you can still monetize from people that say no to your business opportunity.

Yes, generating leads on social media for free is definitely possible. But doing the classic spamming method is not one of those things.

Especially if you're on a budget.

Check out the video here to see exactly how a multiple six figure networker built his entire business on Facebook without paying a single cent to generate all of his leads.

This article was published on 24.05.2021 by Kevin Williams
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