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Crypto. Invest like a cryptocurrency hedge fund with $500. Ember Fund is a decentralized asset management platform, aiming to bring DeFi (decentralized finance) to everyone. With curated crypto portfolios managed by industry experts, hedge funds, and quantitative analysts.  Ember Fund is the first, global mobile app that allows users to easily invest in DeFi portfolios with just a few taps, without holding user assets.

There has been an explosion of powerful decentralized finance (DeFi) products, but investing, managing, and understanding it continues to be difficult. Investors need to vet thousands of protocols, constantly follow an ever-changing technology landscape, and trade against sophisticated investors with access to proprietary research and trading tools. Ember changes this.

Top Perks

Non-custodial. Ember investors own their private keys

$500M+ transacted by over 60k+ DeFi investors

Portfolios curated, constructed and rebalanced by experts

How you make money

Ember Fund aims to be the easiest place to invest and participate in the upside of DeFi, NFTs and the broader crypto space. Each of Ember’s portfolios are non-custodial and future-proofed, with the ability to support new layers of yield generated from developing DeFI protocols. You can earn as the assets in your portfolio appreciate, along with built-in yield farming via lending on DeFi protocols to generate additional return. Ember also has a daily rewards program, where you can earn Bitcoin by learning about crypto.

How Ember Fund makes money

Ember’s only fee is a 3% annual management fee on most portfolios, while other features are entirely free. Ember aims to make it’s portfolios pay for themselves, with built-in lending and mining fee optimizations to find you the best rates on each trade.

Is it safe?

Ember Fund was developed with a focus on security, usability, and privacy. Their non-custodial wallet technology provides state of the art security for users, making control of digital assets simple by abstracting complex private keys to username, password, and PIN code (plus TouchID & FaceID). 

Ember Fund knows nothing about the encrypted data it interacts with. This data is only accessible to the user. All data is fully encrypted before it touches our servers and can only be decrypted by the user while using the app. Ember Fund does not store any information from user wallets, move funds, and cannot interact with the blockchain on behalf of the user. It's not just end-to-end encryption; it is Zero-Knowledge architecture. 

Privacy is a native feature of Ember Fund. They do not ask, store, or collect any sensitive user data. Since they are non-custodial, you own the actual coins on the respective blockchains. 

Insurance in the DeFi space isn’t yet readily available, so Ember also has a fund made up of a portion of the company’s treasury, dedicated to protecting it’s user’s assets.

This article was published on 10.04.2022 by Hope Dzramado
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Ember Fund - Crypto investment , Free to join

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