LeadsLeap Review: How To Maximize Your Profits Using LeadsLeap


If traffic is a need for your business, and extra income is as well, then perhaps this LeadsLeap review will be the solution to both of those needs.

Leadsleap is a new platform that offers many features, and tools to help build a business online. I want to cover some of the tools, benefits, and even talk about how you can maximize your profits using the system.

Tools, Features, and Benefits

If you understand internet marketing, then you know you need certain tools to give you an advantage to building. Leadsleap.com offers the most important of these tools. Such as:

  • Real Tracker - The real tracker will track your visitors behavior when they are on your website. This really helps because you can learn what people seem to be interested in, and what they seem not so interest in. All professional internet marketers track everything they do online.
  • Pop-Up Ads - If you have been wishing to use a pop-up ad on your blog, here it is. You can customize it to what ever offer or giveaway you have in mind. Pop-up ads are responsible for about 80% of all lead conversions on my website, and the numbers are close with other professionals as well.
  • OTO - One Time Offer scripts, yours free to giveaway. Use them to find new leads
  • Traffic Exchange - This is by far the best traffic exchange around. The reason is because LeadsLeap does not use a timer and even rewards members for staying longer on your site. This helps improve bounce rates and time visitors stay, increasing your search engine visibility.
  • LeadsLeap Widget - Now you can get paid to blog, just like Google adsense. Adsense does not like work from home websites, and most are turned down. Now Leadsleap offers a widget for you to run ads of other websites, and be paid for every click they get.

How Do I Maximize My Profits With LeadsLeap?

This may be everyone's favorite part. Increasing revenue.

Leadsleap.com offers two types of memberships. Free members, and Pro-Members (monthly subscription)

Since free members get all the tools above, just like pro members, I want to focus on maximizing your profits as a pro-member. These same tactics can be used as a free member, but they will not be as much.

Revenue Shares

Leadsleap offers rev shares for its members. This is a way to earn money for just being active on the platform.

  • Daily Revenue Shares - This is where you get paid by the credits you earned that day using LeadsLeap. As a pro member they are doubled. Also since you are a pro member, you do not need credits to run ads. This means you either can drive traffic to your blog without spending time on Leadsleap, or you can sell your credits earned back to LeadsLeap. So this is the best way to not only get double credits, but get double credits twice a day.
  • Weekly Revenue Shares - Using LeadsLeap widget, you can earn weekly rev shares from the clicks you receive on the widget. Increase these shares by placing the widget in as many places as you possibly can online, because the amount of credits and shares you earn are unlimited.
  • Affiliate Commissions - Again these are doubled as a pro-member, so with just 2 referrals who become pro members, you are getting all the benefits at no cost. Free members get 25% of upgrades, and pro members get 50%. More reason to be a pro member.

If you have an additional device that you can access the internet with, you can run LeadsLeap all day and increase credits tremendously. This will increase your profits of course, and help you learn more on internet marketing strategies used by your competition.

Leadsleap is a great tool for any online business owner for several reasons, and the benefits may increase as the platform grows.

To read the entire full length LeadsLeap review and other leadsleap reviews I have written, you can visit my official website JayeCarden.com and read the full length post LeadsLeap Review: How To Maximize Your Profits Using LeadsLeap

A huge benefit of joining LeadsLeap through THIS TEAM HERE is the downline messages you will receive will be private invites to mastermind training webinars with top experts and marketers. This giving you more advantages, helping you learn more strategies, and increasing your traffic through other sources.

This article was published on 18.04.2016 by Jaye Carden
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