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Same words, different meaning?

Some words are spelled the same but have different meanings. In Spanish papa – is potato or Papa – the Pope. In English peer - to look very carefully or hard, or Peer - a colleague or even used in the IT field as peer-to-peer network (you may have to look that one up).  I think another word is Freedom, it means something different to everyone. Spelled the same for all but what does it mean to you?

No job?

Financial independence?



More charity contribution?

The only way to get freedom is to fight for it, maybe not in a battle like a war but most assuredly a battle. A battle against our own inaction. A battle against conventional thinking and lack of initiative. A battle of belief in yourself and what you can accomplish. A battle to fight fear and do something great with your life.

Here are some other words that have a different meaning for each one of us – Goals – one simple definition is - a desired result. You should outline steps to get that result or goal, a solid game plan. Make the goal large enough that it will stretch you so you also grow personally in trying to achieve it. Goals will lead you to that dream or vision that you see for yourself and your family.

Dream – there’s a lot of definitions for dreams, here are some – a hope, wish, vision or cherished desire. I see it as something you want for yourself and your family that is bigger than what you currently have or are able to attain with the resources you currently have. We should all have dreams and teach our children how to dream, set goals and go after what we want. Life is full of opportunities if we look for them and follow through.

Success, I like this definition - having achieved and accomplished an aim or objective. But is there ever an end to success? Once you reach one goal or dream I believe we should set a new goal, reach for another bigger dream. That’s what keeps us going.  Creating a new success point by setting, striving, achieving and succeeding at that level and then starting the process all over again.

No matter the definition of these words I hope that you strive to achieve the freedom, goals, and dreams that have a meaning for you. Because in the end isn’t that the true meaning of success?

This article was published on 15.04.2021 by Jack Horchar
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