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Vision People Project (VPP) ~ Going Viral

VPP wil be launching our crowed funding app called the "VPP Seed App" this week in preparation for our VPP EduTech Project.

The world's first Education platform built on a DAO (Decentralized Autonomous Organization) and the first growth only tokenomic. 

So who/what is VPP:

Vision People understand how to protect their assets, the education that V.P.P. provides will not only protect its scholars, but will show them multiple successful methods to profit. Using digital assets, worldwide stock markets, properties, and business.

In understanding the situation within the trading and digital asset spaces, we have realized and tested decades of information in the money sphere.

Vision People Projects two flagship products are the Macro and Micro Edutech courses.

What Got Us Here

Without basic knowledge, people are often lead blindly to losses.

Joining projects with fabricated products designed simply to attract deposits.

Have you experienced investing only to see an announcement their site was hacked and is temporarily unavailable?

Have you ever processed a withdrawal that still remains pending till today?

Have you bought an ICO token which fell 90% as you waited for it to launch?

Have you woken up to find your leveraged position liquidated?

Do the above answers ring a bell? With over 18k cryptocurrencies and a market smaller than Apple inc, the situation is confusing.

Choosing an asset among this space is a gamble.

What if you can CHANGE your position in the situation? Change your knowledge? Change your skill sets?

Change your market!

What To Look For In A Good Project

Will this project still be here next year?

Will this project payout as/when it is supposed to?

Can I share this project to benefit myself and my downlines'?

Will this project protect me for being loyal?

Will this project definitely reward me for investing early?

Will this project still be paying out in 5-10 years?

The Vision Project team is here to answer YES!

The cash flow model requires NO ONE to authorize anything you wish to do.

In fact, it has ALREADY been done!

If you are due a payment, It was ALREADY done!

If you require access after a purchase, It was ALREADY done!

If a downline has signed up and you are due a reward, It was ALREADY paid!

What We Hope You Will Gain

The first step to Earning, is Learning.

● Learning is Knowledge.

● Applying knowledge to situations creates understanding.

● Learning to understand how knowledge applies to a situation creates Experience.

● Learning from experience creates wisdom.

● Wisdom allows experience to choose which knowledge to use in any situation to profit.

So LEARN enough to EARN

Vision people KNOW THEIR STUFF!

We are more than just a crypto community, we're an economy.

The Micro Edu-tech will equip any person with enough intrinsic knowledge to deploy a 5 year plan to wealth as well as a vehicle to earn over 2000 times the course fee by sharing to create wealth.

The Macro Edu-tech will equip any person with enough intrinsic knowledge to use their wealth in different ways, creating multiple streams of passive income and fun ways to profit in any market conditions.

How It All Functions Together

Vision People Projects uses a DAO to power the pioneering Edu-tech platforms. VPP's Decentralized Autonomous Organization (DAO):

The power of a DAO is instant. To help understand lets look at these words, centralized, decentralized, automatic and autonomous.

And lets apply it to a withdrawal.

● Centralized, requires user action, then a human host action during the process.

● Decentralized, requires user action, then an automatic host action executes.

Automatic, requires user action to start a process, the host action then executes either as a centralized or decentralized action.

Autonomous, requires no user or host action, it is simply executed immediately.

The VPP Edu-tech only receives 5% of the course fee for the course content. The distribution of new members $500 course fees shows just how important the people are in this example:

● $25 Payment of Registration - to extracted value for NFTs and VPP token value

● $40 Project Economy Roadmap and Dev Team

● $30 Seed and Investors pool

● $25 DAO fees

● $375 Referral reward system pool

75% Is committed to the 15 layer people referral reward system, we have planned out the most powerful referral elements for VPP with 5% reward on each layer, whether the member is a direct or indirect sign up.

The Matrix includes the following features:

(FAC) Force Assisted Creation:

● Each member has his/her own 'Parent node', which can only have 2 'Child' nodes.

● Once a parent node already has 2 child nodes, new nodes will be considered as spillover.

● The system will automatically assign spillover to the parent's two child nodes.

(BUB) Blind Unbalanced Binary:

● Members will earn from each new node in their matrix regardless of leg balance, layer depth or referral source, within the 1x2x15 matrix.

(DNA) Dead Node Autonomous:

● When assigning spill over, our system goes a step further to ensure balanced wealth by seeking the oldest available node, with the highest position in the downline matrix, to create the new node ensuring matrix continuation.

● The features during the development of the DAO are absolute and cannot be changed once the smart contract has been renounced to the chain.

● The only changes in future can be done if a consensus across all voters can be reached, similarly to large chain governance and fork decisions.

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This article was published on 19.07.2022 by Katharine Smuts
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Vision People Project Pty Ltd - Early Seed Investor, 100 USD to join

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