Achieve Your Dreams to Attain Time and Financial Freedom with Vestige Marketing

One Minute Vestige Business Opportunity Presentation for Time and Financial Freedom

Hi Friend,

Hope you are doing well. As a sensible individual, you would probably agree like most people do that:

1. Profit is better than salary. Salary makes you a living which is fine but Profit earns you a fortune which is superfine through a business model that grows by Compounding Effect for generations to come.

2. If you do 1% and help 99 like minded people linked to you to do their 1% each, so you may achieve 100%

As a messenger, I am just curious to ask you three questions:

1. Do you want to give a comfortable and healthier lifestyle to your wife/husband and children?

2. Would you be interested to earn more money besides being healthy to live longer?

3. Without interfering whatever you are currently doing, do you want to work part time to earn extra income in a business with no employees, no overheads, no inventories, no legal hassles, no accounting, and no risk?

If your answer is YES to all three questions, then I offer you the health and wealth opportunity in next one minute on how you may enjoy both Time and Financial freedom. The opportunity is with Vestige Marketing at a very low investment cost of Rs 600/- per month to increase your income right from 1st month. Actually, it is free because the discount you enjoy in monthly repurchase is  more that enough. Well, you must be able to do these Four things repeatedly on a daily basis (2 hours per day for at least 24 months) after joining:

1. Use Products: Chose your monthly common consumptions from 200+ Vestige superior quality products in Health Care, Personal Care, Beauty Care, Home Care, Agriculture, Ayurveda products etc. You have been purchasing these daily use items from market every month with no gain. By changing buying habits you enjoy 20% discount for life and free gifts worth 10% for purchase on or above Rs 750 by 2nd to 12th of every month. When you purchase worth Rs 2500 for consecutive 6 months, the repurchase on 7th month is completely free for Rs 2500/-. Thus you can enjoy discount range from 40% to 60% of MRP in products.

2. Don’t change: Keep recommending the Vestige products you like to your contacts as your word of mouth, just like your favourite movies, your favourite restaurants, your favourite theatres, your favourite shops etc.

3. Recommend Products to People You Know: Vestige offers you an excellent opportunity for passive money inflow you cannot imagine as you get paid for sponsoring and creating leaders. You need to find minimum Six people (from your circle of influence) whom you want to see successful in this business. There is no pressure on you but you must have “Desire” and “Time” to build your business. Do your 1% by asking them to “Just Have a Look”. Remember: Use, Contact, Sponsor and Grow. There are 7 types of income you earn in this inheritable business and you get good amount of Tax deductions.

4. Grow Your Business by Sponsoring: You talk to your contacts and help them join, and teach each of them to duplicate you. They in turn, talk to people they know and duplicate the same. You earn 1 Point Value (PV) on every Rs 30/- purchase by your team. 20 PV every month is the minimum to stay active in the business. So you eventually accumulate required cumulative 10000 PV  to become a Bronze Director as your first milestone and receive good earnings as per Compensation Plan before breaking away it continues. The payout per month is computerised so don’t bother. There is no restriction on purchase but stick to your choice. With time and more members in your team, you get Director Bonus, Leadership Bonus, Travel Fund, Car Fund and House Fund.

Be patient to achieve: Extra Income,    Financial Freedom,    Own Business,    Time Freedom,  Global Travel, Worry-Free Retirement,   Leave a Legacy,   Meet New People,   Help Others Grow,    Personal Development,    Inheritable Residual Income  

Irony is you cannot start and own this business by yourself but need a sponsor to help you register and train you. Please visit and download Vestige Product Catalogue, Price, and Vestige Success Plan for better understanding. Joining is  free online after you express your interest and qualify yourself.

If you wish to join my team then, as your sponsor, I will do these following things free for you:

1. Arrange Study/Training Materials: Do Presentations, Skill Building, Home Meetings, Success Tips & Secrets

2. Coach and develop people who join under you at First Two Levels till you become an expert to “Duplicate”.

If you like what you see, just call/whatsapp me to know more and qualify on your path to Time and Financial Freedom.

To your success,

Syamsundar Bandyopadhyay

Bronze Director

Mobile No:+919810605723 


Note: Once qualified, need to fill up a simple form and return with a scanned valid document as proof of address. You will receive your Distributor ID and Password within 24 hours. I also help you submit DAF (Distributor Application Form) at the local Vestige office within next seven days to receive your Business Starter Kit on making spot payment of Rs 750/- only.

This article was published on 10.09.2019 by Syamsundar Bandyopadhyay
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