What are the things you need most in online marketing?

To be successful in any online marketing business you need a few important things:

DETERMINATION: A positive mind set and goal setting attitude are paramount. If you don't belive in yourself then how do expect anyone else to believe in you? You need to wake up every morning and say to yourself "I can and I will". You need to make the effort to ensure that your goals become your reality. Self doubt and negativity never made anyone rich.

KNOWLEDGE: I have been in marketing professionally for over 30 years and every single day I learn something new and I go out of my way to aquire new knowledge whether it's about what I am promoting or selling, or about new innovations in the Platforms I am using i.e. software, the internet, even new tweaks to Facebook. The more you learn the easier and more productive your work becomes. Far too many people shy away from learning more about this exciting industry of ours and wonder why they are picking up pennies when others are quite clearly making millions. Whilst having a quick trawl through some business articles the other day I cam across a blog outlining 7 useful Chrome add ons so i had a look through and discovered a simple extension which is free but now saves me a lot of time and effort and frees up memory on my computer when I have a gazillion tabs open. That's just a simple little thing picked up because I devote a certain amount of my day to LEARNING. My mantra is always "YOU CAN NEVER LEARN TOO MUCH".

This brings me to the 'nuts and bolts' of any marketing campaign.

TOOLS: You need the tools for the job whether it's Facebook Ads to target a certain demographic or software to help you create the perfect sales funnel, or a reference guide to solve a particular issue you've been having. Getting your hands on the right tools for the job will save you the tow most important things in your life - TIME and EFFORT. Software and learning tools - e-books etc. is a multi billion dollar industry and I'm sure many of you out there use e-books as a front end freebie or upsell item in your sales funnels. You use software to build the funnels whether it's a semi DIY system like Wix or Wordpress, a template based online service or raw HTML programming you are using tools to get the job done.

NO ONE can assist you with the first category on this page - ONLY YOU can adjust and train your mindset and if you haven't done that yet I suggest you get on with motivating yourself day by day STARTING TODAY.

However for categories 2 and 3 I am able to give you one of two things:

  • If you are new to online marketing I can give you the biggest kickstart on the road to success
  • If you are an experienced marketer then what I have will be an essential addition to your existing portfolio and will earn you a lot of extra income.
I have an amzing collection of ONE HUNDRED essential products including professional software, e-books, templates etc. etc. which will not only be useful to you personally, but come with RESALE LICENSES so you can use them as promo items or stand alone products. Their value is in the $1,000's but I am offering them for a limited time only - YES ALL 100 PRODUCTS - at the ridiculous price of just $10.00

This is the Firesale of all Firsales and all are welcome to view all 100 products before purchasing. There is even a 60 day money back guarantee. Pros will snap this up but for you newbies out there, it's a test of your resolve "Do I invest a whole $10 in my future?" Well I refer you back to the first category and then it's up to you.


To your success always


This article was published on 17.06.2016 by John Ward
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