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6 Figures in Your MLM... With Just Your Facebook Personal Profile?

To some, the idea of making a life-changing income by simply using your personal Facebook profile sounds slightly out there.

Because some people might ask themselves:

"I don't want to promote my opportunity on my friends list because then I might sounds salesy."


"I don't know what people will think of me when I talk about my business on my personal page."

Trust me when I say I felt that way myself when I first started.

The problem is if these thoughts come up in your head about sounding "salesy" in your posts, then you might be misinterpreting what it means to promote.

The reason why some networkers can make a full-time income simply by using their FB personal profile is for one simple reason.

They can promote their products and opportunity without sounding like their main intention is to sell.

And it just so happens that one particular individual is teaching exactly how she did this by introducing this 5 Day Posting for Profits Challenge here.

The gist of this entire challenge?

First is the idea of addressing your brand. And giving people an idea of what you do, what you use and how it has positively impacted your life.

Second is by creating content that engages people and grabs their interest in what you might be selling, without actually selling to them.

And by creating fans of your products, you'll have the ability to create future business partners as they now have a belief in the product and how it can help people in the same way that it helped them.

In many ways, you're posting in a way that talks about a result that many people want for themselves.

And that is exactly what top network marketers do. 

They post with intention. They don't just sell products to people but they sell a result.

And results are what people are ultimately attracted to. 

When you make it known to people what you do or what products you take and how that has ultimately helped you whether it be health, beauty or wealth related then you'll never need to feel like you're selling to anyone a day in your life.

No more needing to feel "salesy or cheesy" in your posts.

No more feeling like judgement in upon you when you do post about your business.

No more awkward moments of zero engagement on your posts when you do decide to promote on your page.

But if you've been weighed down by these types of things, your first action is to click here and check out the Post for Profits Challenge.

The person hosting it has had massive success in her business by building a 6 figure empire by posting on her FB personal profile. 

Make sure you give yourself every advantage in your business.

This article was published on 02.06.2021 by Kevin Williams
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