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First of all I figure I should tell you a little about myself,  I'm 27 years old live with my fiancé. We have struggled to get by for years he is a self employed plasterer and I have worked in the catering industry for over 10 years for several respected companies, but no matter how hard I work or how much extra work I do i never seem to get the promotion. No matter how many times I have been promised one. I have also previously trained as a hairdresser and work abroad for 2 years as an automated pair. I love to travel and learn new things especially about new cultures. I suffer with pcos and know that having my own family may be very difficult this is why it is important to me that I not be working antisocial hours anymore and I have a good stable income as well as being able to choose my own hours. So when I am blessed with a family I have the time to spend with them.

This is why I decided I was going to do something about it and just after Christmas I joined Arbonne I have looked at several MLM companies before but have never took the leap as such although I did take over part of a friends Avon area back in college,  it never quite worked out for me though.... Anyway getting off track I joined Arbonne and have been introduced to some many amazingly friendly and welcoming people which is fantastic as I literally know no one other than the people I have been working with at the moment.

My partner and myself relocated to the south East of England near where he is originally from nearly 4 years ago and it's been difficult to meet new friends. This is another reason why I chose Arbonne they encorage you to build a friendship with your clients and not just to sell to them. 

Every job I have ever had has been customer focused or has been about me selling a service to an individual or family. But they have all been just that none of which I could ever see being a career and none of them were anything close to what I dreamt I would be doing as a child. I wanted to travel, be a make up artist and make people feel good about themselves.

Arbonne is providing me with the ability to do just that with there amazing cosmetic range and an amazing up-line which includes makeup artists, fitness instructors and doctors. I still have the opportunity to fulfil those childhood dreams of mine. They also offer some amazing incentives to encourage team building and sales with regular meetings and online chats to encourage one another, trips to the Bahamas and global conference meetings in LA.... none kfc which I will be attending this year but that is only due to previous financial commitments.

If anyone would like to know what else Arbonne has to offer please feel free to contact me or visit my page

This article was published on 02.02.2016 by Cayla Kirton
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