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Thinking about Getting Into Cryptocurrency But Don't Know Where to Start?

At this point, there's absolutely no way that anyone on planet Earth who hasn't heard of cryptocurrency.

You can't escape it. It's all over the place.

From people talking about things like Bitcoin, Ethereum and Dogecoin.

To crypto based opportunities launching all over the place.

But what's really the big deal with cryptocurrency? Why is it so hyped and taking up so much of the limelight in the past year or so?

To put it simply, cryptocurrency is the new alternative and solution to the current fiat (fake) paper money system.

If you haven't noticed, our governments have a pretty big problem. It's called spending.

More specifically spending money that the government itself doesn't have.

But they've gotta get that money from somewhere right?

Well here in the United States, there's only one way to do it and that's borrowing from the Federal Reserve.

The problem with this?

Every single time the government borrows from the Federal Reserve, it doesn't do so by simply lending it money.

It has to print more of that money to lend out.

The problem with that?

Well the more money you print out, the less value it has. Every single time the government has to borrow money to spend money it doesn't have, more of this paper money gets created out of thin air to do so.

And this is what leads to inflation. 

You've seen the prices of goods and services rise pretty sharply in the past few months right?

Believe it or not, prices haven't gone up. 

It's actually due to the value of your dollars going down.

And that's because in the past few months alone, trillions of dollars have been printed and put into the existing money pool without backing it behind anything of actual value.

This is a huge problem.

And this is why cryptocurrency was formed. Because it is a solution to real world problem that has major consequences if not solved.

There's a lot more to be uncovered in terms of crypto but if you're new to it and are curious to understand some of the basics, you can click here to get your free crypto basics PDF.

But what about those who are aware of crypto, but don't want to get involved with crypto MLM's?

This is where Akashx of MyDailyChoice comes in.

Akashx is NOT a crypto based MLM.

It is an educational platform that focuses on providing the user the most up to date information, basics and strategies for crypto based trading.

Forex is also included for those interested but Forex will not be covered in this announcement.

You will find many crypto projects out there that require you to buy in by first buying crypto and then investing that crypto as a means of becoming a member.

This however should be examined very carefully as not all of these projects are legitimate. 

Akashx is different as it isn't an investment opportunity and doesn't require actual crypto to buy in.

It is simply an educational platform to advance your skills and knowledge in the world of crypto trading. (And Forex if you're also interested in that.)

Want more details on how Akashx works? You can click the link here for more details.

This article was published on 15.06.2021 by Kevin Williams
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