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Imagine having a personalised product manufactured according to your unique DNA sample... No more hit and miss with products produced for the masses and most importantly, no more wasting money in the process. We offer a unique solution that cannot be copied. Labs typically test between 40 and 80 markers but we test for over 280 markers, therefore giving you a more accurate reading on your results. We test for the following criterias at this stage: skin and hair care, weight loss and weight management, fitness and sports performance, in born talents and personality types and lastly, ancestory tests, helping us uncover our backgrounds and where we come from. Tests conducted from the comfort of your home in a non-invasive way! Order your test kit, swab the inside of your cheek and off you go. Detailed feedback is provided for whatever test you may have purchased. Imagine having a fitness and sports plan put together by industry experts based on your DNA. What you should be doing more or less of. Injuries your prone to and how to overcome them. Timed to exercise, intensity, durations etc. Or let's look at inborn talents. I recently did some introspection and one thing that I could nonot quite put my finger on was my talents..  well, this report helps us understand our strengths and our uniqueness as humans and what we have to offer... skin care, imagine having a toner, moisturizer manufactured based on your DNA. Weightloss, people spend 100's of dollars and sometimes 1000's just to lose a few pounds. Well, we guarantee that our plans will work for you. The DNA results tells you what to consume and what to steer clear of. 

Think that's impressive, wait till you hear about our lifestyle component. Shop online, book restaurants, entertainment and vacations all from your personalised website. We reward our members for using this portal in either rewards points or dollars that can be burnt and spent in our eco system.  We are partnering with various retailers out there and soon, you would be able to burn your points at the petrol pump, groceries stores, DIY stores and so much more. 

Now for the ambitious folks, if you looking to make some serious cash, we offer an affiliate partnership starting from $99 all the way to $500 once off. We offer a remuneration structure unlike any other... imagine earning 10% oof everyone that joins your network.. this is merely one of the 7 income generating criterias within our business. If this sounds appealing, let's get in touch!

This article was published on 10.01.2019 by Levirsh Arendse
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Mavie - DNA testing, 500 USD to join

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Hier wird man für alles bezahlt und kann sich ein super passives Einkommen aufbauen!!

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