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Internet marketing friends and colleges.

Welcome to my world.

I was born in the 50's, so you can put me in the "Old school catagory" 

Breaking new ground was not an easy task. Learning curves at every turn. What is a P.C. I didn't have a clue.

Now I know. What is a Main-frame Computer? I know, but ask any modern student, or any street-wise internet marketer and they will look at you like you were from another planet.

Main-frame Computers were "Old School"the took up enormous amounts of room, in fact, they needed a large room to contain them.

 They remind me of Captain Nemo, and early 007 James Bond movies, with multi-coloured lights flashing in computer consoles, in a laboratory situation,  holding, and containing  top-secret information. Taking a team of trained computer technical experts, to monitor and carry-out specific instructions, to achieve the desired results.

 Holding the World to ransom is  some fiend, with a plot to control humanity, and demand a Billion dollars, or he will blow up the planet. 

Move on to 2020, it seems like the stuff of science fiction.

Are we really here? Multi-media says yes we are, InstaGram says yes we are here, take a look here : 

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Face-Book and Twitter, Snap-chat, Whats-Ap, Apple mobile phones, Andriod, now that's a name of science fiction, an  android is a robot. Elon Musk says we are here, when he sent a Sports Car into orbit and  developed the largest SpaceShip ever created that can and did return to the Earth, and land safely  on a drone  ship on the ocean. Wow! 

Where do we go from here?

I never dreamed in my life-time, we would lose 75% of our native bird species.

We would cut down 2 thirds of our rain-forests. 

Pollute all our seas and oceans and rivers.    

This article was published on 08.01.2020 by Joseph Doyle
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