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Hello! My name is Andreas, I'm from Munich (Germany) and I'm half German half Spanish. When I finished high school I started a Carpenter Training and very soon I realized I could never achieve my goals working in that kind of job. I wanted to make a lot of money but I didn't really know how.

My brother, who is 7 years older than me, was already making good money with Network Marketing and he would give me the products to help me with my health problems (asthma, allergies...). It really helped me and I saw the opportunity to make money and help people live healthier lives.

It has been 18 years since then. I have worked with a few different Network Marketing companies and have been quite successful :). Since 2009 I run my own company, mostly in Germany. I have an AMAZING, HIGHLY EFFECTIVE WEIGHT MANAGEMENT PRODUCT: PRO SLIM X . I love my job, and I am thankful to the universe that I have found a way in life that doesn't require me to work like a slave haha :).

I have noticed that people are tired of being told they are going to make a lot of money very fast if they join an MLM company with little or no effort. I personally think it all depends on how much time you spend working on it and on your social skills. With PRO SLIM X you have a product that you can rely on, you don't have to try and sell several products that might not even work, ONLY ONE PRODUCT that really makes people lose weight. You won't need a big storage room to stockpile products LOL :D . Clients are happy, members are happy.

What you get when you become a member of this company:

- Your own replicated site

- Your own BackOffice

- 20% discount on the products

- The right to resell our products

- 20% commission on website sales

- The opportunity to create your own network

A one time payment of 160€ qualifies you to become a Distributor.

No monthly fees, no extra requirements !

We want to expand in Europe ( we already have clients in: Germany, Austria, Spain, Czech Republic and Poland). If you want to grow with us, all you have to do is click on this link: Business Opportunity .


Thank you very much for taking the time to read this. I hope we can work together :).

Sincerely yours,


This article was published on 26.08.2016 by Andreas Balbontin
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