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Stream 5,000 TV Channels... FREE!

FREE???  Yes, I said FREE!  Monthly subscription is just $39.95 per month!  How much is your current cable bill?

$75/month?  $100 per month?  More!!!???  $150!!!???  

5,000 channels and YES, you get your local programming as well.  Best part of this, to me, is the Favorite group you get to create.  Just click on the channel and it prompts you to Favor it or just Play.  I have all of my most viewed channels under there providing quick, easy access.  Could you imagine having to scan 5,000 channels all the time!!!??  Picture quality is great!  I used to just use the cheap antenna for my local programs and pay for Netflix.  Now, I have so much more in the palm of my hand!  Going to need a large supply of batteries for the remote!!!

How is it FREE you may ask. Good question.  For everyone who subscribes for service using your custom and free link, you get paid $10 per month for as long as they remain active.  Simple math here... get just 4 (FOUR) people signed up and YOUR subscription is paid for!  

Of course, there is a business opportunity here.  If you haven't heard or know that an opportunity with MRR (Monthly Recurring Revenue) is the best scenario... well, it is.  Simple program here and you don't need to have inventory or pay anyone.  For each person who subscribes with your link, you make $10 each and every month they are active.  Then, for each person they sign up (because they will want their subscription paid for)... you will receive $2.00 per month.  The final level on this is for everyone who you are receiving $2.00 from, when they sign people up to get their free service, you make $3.00 per month on those!

Simple math here:

You get 10 people... you make $100/month

They get 10 people (100)... you make $200 on them

Their 10 people (1,000)... and you make $3,000!

Total is $3,300 per month!

Here's an insane thought.  What if you got 20 and everyone else did the same?  That comes out to $25,000 a month!  Okay, let's tone it down.  You get 10, everyone else just wants to get their 4 so the service is free.  That's still $660 per month!  

Company name is Accuview

Here's my link to review and sign up:

This article was published on 26.04.2022 by Joe Fritts
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