7k Metals is About Creating Wealth in Precious Metals

The US Dollar is headed towards zero.  

And not just the US dollar. The same is true for the Euro, the Japanese Yen, the Rupee, you name it: historically, all government-issued paper currencies go to their true value of zero. Will the dollar get there? I do not know, but history suggests it is likely. And even if does not collapse entirely, who wants to accumulate wealth in something that loses purchasing power and has no intrinsic value

A binary comp plan means your upline puts people below you.

7k metals is super simple: just one way to be compensated: when you have the same amount of points left and right, you get a check mailed to you. But unlike unilevel comp plans, where you and your sponsor(s) do not work together, in 7k Metals, your sponsors have to put people under existing members because the binary structure requires it!

I love the way that participation happens in a binary. No longer are you working all by yourself.

This company was built by network marketers

This means that right out of the box, you are provided with a ton of marketing materials. One of the most impressive is the mobile phone app that keeps track of how many people you have shared the opportunity with. It also tells you when the person clicks on your link so you know when to follow up with them.

In addition to marketing materials, you get two types of training: training in precious metals and training in the marketing tools.

A wide variety of precious metals.

7K Metals Offers gold and silver and soon platinum. Most importantly, they offer bullion as well as numismatics. Bullion is what most people are familiar with. If you pick up the newspaper and see the price of gold or silver, you are seeing the price of bullion --- the raw metal.

Numismatics on the other hand have a higher price tag but also appreciate much more. Bullion is a solid low-risk store of wealth. Numismatics allow you to own a collectible whose rarity creates additional investor interest.

Very low risk Membership and autoship

The reason that joining 7k Metals is low risk is because what you are buying upon joining and every month stands to appreciate greatly. Historically, since 1986 the overall ROI on numismatics is 20 fold. That means for every dollar you put into your monthly autoship you are looking at 20 dollars back even if you never registered a single person. And this is based on data going back to 1986!

I know that sounds hard to believe given that in most opportunities you are stuck buying things whether you need them or not. But everyone needs a savings program and why not capitalize on one based in sound money, beauty and strong investment returns?

Each month, you receive a numismatic coin and a travel voucher. I am on the variety program so that I never know what coin is coming in the mail.

Annual Membership Dues:

$199, $359 or $499

If you are serious about running this business for a year $499 is the only choice.

Monthly Autosaver Coin Prices

$99, $129 or $299

In each case, you are getting a numismatic coin that is verified by the Numismatic Guaranty Corporation and is rare in issue. I'm on the $129 program, but I really wish I had been on the $299 program. Just look at the beautiful coin the $299 monthly members got:


So in conclusion 7k metals is a place where you benefit even if you sponsor another person. But they give you all the training and materials to make sure you can share with others.

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This article was published on 10.08.2020 by Terrence Brannon
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7k Metals - precious metals, 499 USD to join

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