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Introducing OGX Launch - Latest Technology in Weight Loss Management!

Who do you know would like to lose weight? 

Who do you know would like to eat healthier? 

Who do you know would like to save money on their grocery bill?

This September, OrGano Int'l launched OGX.  The latest technology in weight loss management.  With the growing epidemic of obesity and overweight around the World, OrGano Int'l is positioned to be the market leader in this product category. OrGano Int'l has successfully launched Wave 2 with the launch of OGX. OrGano Int'l formally known as Organo Gold launched their initial product line in Sept 2008 (Wave 1).  This product line consisted of a coffee, tea and hot chocolate line where they dominated in this product category. This launch was without question, one of the most successful launches in Network Marketing history creating over $2 billion dollars in sales year to date.  Now with the experienced leadership, expansion in over 50 different countries, a solid foundation and a proven system in place, the launch with OGX will be even bigger than coffee.  Weight loss is a multi-billion dollar industry and Americans spend over $60 Billion to lose weight every year.  OrGano is perfectly positioned! Before officially launching, OrGano did a pilot with 100 distributors on the OGX Shakes for 90 days. The shakes are in 2 flavors, Chocolate and Vanilla. They were instructed to take two shakes a day to melt the pounds away (lose weight) and one shake a day to keep the fat away (maintenance)!  After 90 days of consuming the OGX Shakes, the results were amazing! Individuals lost over 20, 30 and even over 40 pounds.  They were feeling better and looking better.  Some individuals gave testimonies that they had more energy, had more stamina and many saw a change in some health challenges. The OGX Shakes are a complete nutritious meal per serving.  The shakes are gluten-free and non-GMO. OrGano also hit a homerun in the taste!  The shakes taste amazing!  In addition, real people and getting REAL RESULTS!  OrGano Int'l is no longer just a coffee distribution company but now a Healthy Living company. There will be other product categories in the future as we move forward to becoming a $10 billion dollar company.  Click and watch the 20min video to see how amazing the OGX product is:  Click Here To View

For more information, please feel free to contact me by email or phone:

Ronnette Turner-Corley, 916-871-7222,

This article was published on 20.09.2016 by Ronnette Turner-corley
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