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Whether you've been in the industry a long time or not, I'm sure you will relate to a lot of what I'm about to say. I had my first experience in Network Marking over 30 years ago when I was very young and have analyzed over a thousand companies, easily. I took off like gangbusters with a company that was actually on their way out. It was a great initial learning experience. I then grew organizations into the hundreds a couple times (those companies suffered the same fate), then into the thousands a couple times. I also ended up helping set up a few network marketing companies back in the day. I just didn't find that long term company I could call home and left networking marketing for quite some time but I was always keeping an eye on the industry. I had a successful business of marketing/advertising and financial services for businesses. There are and have been a lot of exceptional companies, product lines and services that have come through this unique industry. There have also been lots of great marketing concepts, systems and tools created utilizing today's technology to help aspiring networkers. This is and understatement when I say, there have been quite a range of comp plans but they have finally started to evolve from the standard uni-level, binary plans and matrixes including improvements from the old standard get paid after the end of the monthly only. So ultimately, when I decided to get back into the industry, it had to be something very special that had everything already in place, was already established and set up to become one of those billion dollar, household names of the industry like Herbalife, Mary Kay, Nu Skin and the like. I have found that company and I am looking for individual, partners to build it with. If you haven't heard of My Daily Choice yet, you will be. MDC did indeed win the BRAVO AWARD for fastest growing company in the Network Marketing industry for 2019. Although they have a great diverse product line, they were also the #1 seller of CBD products in the world which is no small task for one of THE most competitive product lines of today. See, I first became a customer. I have been around the Health and wellness industry for over 35 years, first starting out as an athlete looking for any edge I could find. Ultimately, I learned to become and expert product tester, trying out products of all kinds from countless companies both traditional and network marketing. Definitely not just another health & wellness company, MDC's product line is simply the best I have tried overall and I had been a customer for over 2 years before pursuing the business. That meant to me that the product line really stood on it's own and could actually be retailed (rare in this industry). The MDC travel program and investment system is just part of where they're headed in terms of diversification. There are people all over the world (now in over 150 countries) who swear by their products/services which was key in my decision Finally, when it came down to the whole package of products/services, marketing systems and tools, compensation plan, ease of duplication, set up for long term growth and stability, they are head and shoulders above the rest. The final piece of the puzzle was who they are in terms of ownership, leadership, support and customer service, you'll see a company that does it all at the highest level and never rests on any of it. They are constantly improving, expanding on everything they do. So if you're REALLY SERIOUS about building that ultimate business from home that you can call home, do yourself a favor and take a look at My Daily Choice even if you've seen them in the past. You'll see a company that has evolved into something very, very special in this industry, something that we haven't seen before quite honestly. We as a team also do some very special things to help those who join us succeed. Take a tour of our system and we'll talk. You'll be glad you did. Go to:

This article was published on 01.10.2020 by Kellen Burgos
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David Ecksmith Abdu, Its a pleasure to hear someone with your knowledge about the industry.!  3 years ago
Abdu Alwarafi ممتاز جدا وخطوة جبارة في طريق النجاح  3 years ago

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