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I am a Platinum Executive Director, $100,000.00 Income Earner for 10 years Full Time with an organization of over 750 Associates across the U.S. and Canada and that's LegalShield! I have never had any network marketing or MLM experience just always loved to help others and I also believed highly in the services and products for Identity Theft, Life Events Legal plans and a WILL with a great company and with the best top leadership in the industry and that's, LegalShield.  I was a member previously that used the services that worked and if it worked for me, it was needed by everyone else because we will all at some point need legal representation from the trivial to the traumatic. My background is that of a Paralegal and this company was introduced to me 5 times in my legal career but, I never educated myself about network marketing as I was always told to go to school and get a good job to be laid off and go back to school again!  After I prayed about it and was introduced to the opportunity again, I got started immediately to find out that I not only had to run after family and friends but, they had plans to protect and grow small business owners, truck drivers, families, company group benefits legal and identity theft plans along with a complimentary WILL and you can build your very own independent agency! My first deposit for protecting family and friends with just the membership was $1,750! Best day was $18,000, best month $36,000 and best year $226,000! This is a company with a rock solid foundation that created countless Millionaires and hundreds of Six Figure Ring Earners that's now my friends and business partners that taught me wealth as well as a Residual Income to leave a legacy for my children's children! We have such an opportunity of a company that's been in business for over 44 years with 6,900 top law firms and attorneys as  our legal network for the support for our clients 24/7 and in 50 States including Canada is PRICELESS! I'm LegalShield for Life to "Making a Living and a Difference"! to learn more and to get started for the services and the opportunity! There's a real opportunity and a need with LegalShield because Bad things, Happens to good people! Contact Lisa A. Streeter (770) 686-0316 

This article was published on 18.05.2016 by Lisa Streeter
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Duwan Eli I'm Duwana, I will be pleased to know you? write me on( to know why i contact u..Confidential and for buziness.  6 years ago
Dean Hart Legal representation is a MUST in todays marketplace - Effective people don't have legal counsel because they are in trouble, it just makes good business sense - 5 Stars!  6 years ago

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