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my name is Caroleena I am a stay at home mom who works from home. I've been working for this company for almost 2 years. This company has changed my overall perspective on online marketing and sales. Youngevity is the reason why I quit my day job 9-5. I was making more money online then my hourly job, I wanted to provide an exceptional living for my daughter and I knew that with this opportunity my life was instantly changing for the better. This company offers many ways to earn income depending on your effort/Work Ethic. (IT IS STILL A JOB NOT A GET RICH QUICK SCHEME) 

my mentality changed because I saw the difference in growth and health. I was in a stable mindset, calmer and more patient. I felt like I was making my own decisions, I didn't need to get up early to get to and back from a job with traffic, delays or the possible problems that can occur in travel time.  I've come to the conclusion of what I was leaving behind and that was the negative work environment, the sad pay raises yearly and the on-going promotions/ demotions without the proper warning or security feeling that you were safe during a recession. 

Now, I work at home and help my team with training and help with proper management of your time. Whether it be social network marketing, Follow-ups or details, and information about our products and updates on our company I am always striving to help those succeed. Being a part of a company to reach residual status and unlimited potential within the company. 

In order to progress, you need to apply yourself to the material that is like any job in the industry. Most jobs they pay you training and feed you on-going material that will get you prepared for knowledge and expanding to great levels of achievement.  We have Full video training and also, training with the person you signed up under, I am here for people who are serious and ready to work. ( I don't believe in systems that do the work for you) you have to shed light on the company and the story behind it as to why you want to share your message.

I am looking to help people achieve those weekly cheques, those monthly bonuses and to help people to be more cautious of what they're putting on and in their body because of it affecting overall your vitality.

if your interested please sign up here: SIGN UP!

email me if you have further questions at 

looking forward to hearing from you! 

thank you for reading, have nice day.  

This article was published on 18.12.2019 by Caroline Burt
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