Sure hope that you are rocking your network marketing business in an exceptional way??

In today's training we will cover one great tool to use if your aim is to build your network marketing business online.

In one of my trainings, I was able to explain that the first thing to figure out when setting out to build your network marketing business is where your strength lies.

Off course, you know that network marketing business is a numbers game and this means that the more people you introduce your business to , the more people you are likely to recruit. 

With this on your mind, you have to understand how to reach out to these numbers of prospects. 

You have to know the method to be reaching out to people. From experience, I know that that there are different approaches one can use to reach out to people but all these ways or methods are divided into online and offline.

This is why I suggest that the first thing you should consider is understanding your strength whether it lies online or offline.

Although today's training isn't about how to identify where your strength lies so I will quickly expose you to a particular tool I think is vital in reaching out to many people if your network marketing strength lies online.

In network marketing many people build their business offline and compliment it with online while others build online and compliment it offline.

People build their business depending on where their strength lies. I believe by now you know that no two top networkers build their business exactly the same way.

If your aim is to build your network marketing business online, then compliment it offline, I'll suggest that you start a network marketing blog.

The first time that I heard about blogging, I thought it was something stressful and time consuming. Although, it requires some time and effort to maintain a blog, but the produce from it is mind blowing.

Like I pointed out that network marketing is a numbers game, blog is one of those online tools that will enable you reach out to alot of prospects.

The good news about blogging is that you keep on enjoying it's benefit long after the work you did.

I have suggested this to many people and they are thanking me now for it.

many people also often think that it requires money to start blogging although this is true, but you can create a free blog and start using until you are ready to get a unique domain. The only difference between a paid blog and a free one is that the free one will contain the site extension that you used to create your blog . 

For example instead of having www.macfrancis .com (paid) you will have www.macfrancis.blogger. com or . WordPress .com or any other site.

The key thing here is that I have never met any networker who builds his or her network marketing business online without owning a site or a blog. 

If your aim is to become a professional in this industry start adopting most of the things done by professionals gradually so that you get used to it.

Why you should own a blog as an online network marketer is because you want to become an authority in network marketing industry.

The only way that you earn good money from this industry is when you step up and become a leader. Remember that leaders attract leaders and you want to have leaders in your team else you won't go anywhere.

People surf the internet on a regular basis and when your articles are out there tons of traffics will be visiting your blog and that is how prospects get to know, like and trust you.

If your Aim is to build your network marketing business online, then step up today and own this online tool and you will be a step ahead of the other 98% networkers who are building their business online without a blog

You will start attracting quality prospects  And many other advantages will follow.

Was this training helpful? If you already own a blog kindly shear your experience with us.

Drop your comments below I'll like to hear from you

Have a super evening



This article was published on 11.06.2019 by Mac-Francis Ekpenyong
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