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930+ People in His Networking Opportunity in over 6 Months. How Did He Do It?

What kind of monthly income could you envision with almost 1000 people in your organization?

For this guy, it meant him closing consistent 6-figure years and even months on some occasion.

But how exactly did he do it? And how did he do it such a short amount of time?

Did he have multiple years experience on prospecting people?

Did he have some super ultra aggressive up-liners adding to his team?

Did he have some crazy reputation where everyone knew him and wanted to join?

The answer to all of those is NO.

The only real difference between himself and the vast majority of networkers in the space... was the systems he used to do it.

You see, most networkers in the space are taught to talk to as many people as humanly possible, promote their affiliate links as often as possible and follow-up as much as possible.

You've probably been taught this by others yourself.

The problem?

A lot of wasted time, effort and even patience.

So what is the system that got him to get top tier levels of recruiting in a fairly short period of time WITHOUT burning himself out doing all the typical things most networkers are taught?

He used a system that provided a ton of value for his prospects up front and then followed up with his business opportunity on the back-end.

He then created a system that completely replicated what he used and added even more to it.

He created what's known as The Digital Enrollment Machine or DEM for short.

But why is DEM such a possible game changer for networkers looking to expand their teams and grow their organizations?

That's because DEM takes a unique approach by offering prospects a low cost, super high value resource that can help solve some of their biggest problems up front.

And by providing something of value to them before even presenting them a business opportunity, you've just established yourself as a problem solver for you prospects first.

This is a huge deal because it shows your prospects that you have something they want that can solve a real problem for them. 

And because this guy was able to put himself in a better position for his prospects by providing something of major value for them...

He had much more leverage and was able to get his foot in the door by presenting his primary business opportunity!

DEM may very much be the missing link in your efforts to get more people onto your team and further expanding your organization.

Curious of DEM might be a fit for you and your recruiting efforts?

You can click here to get more information.

This article was published on 31.03.2021 by Kevin Williams
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