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By Using This System, He was able to Generate 6 Figures in His MLM Business...

He got 934 people to join his primary networking business. But how exactly did he do it?

I'll tell you what he wasn't:

He wasn't a master recruiter.

He wasn't some sort of networking veteran.

As a matter of fact, he was struggling to get consistent recruitments in his business beforehand.

So what changed that turned his $19k business to having consistent 6 figure years?

He simply used a system that positioned him as being a problem solver and sharing it with other people that wanted it.

And when he found out this brand new method, he sought out to create his own but even better than what he was using.

And he calls it The Digital Enrollment Machine or DEM for short.

What is DEM?

DEM is the missing link for networkers who are looking to provide value for their prospects and then giving you the opportunity to promote your business opportunity on the back-end.

How does it do this?

First off DEM presents itself as an educational platform in which the creator unleashes his 10+ years of networking experience to you.

Secondly is a step by step tutorial of putting the finishing touches for an already "done for you" system that is designed to bring automation into the mix.

You will be using a series of tools that will help streamline the recruiting process and leaving you with only the most qualified people to hear about your business opportunity.

This means not needing to waste your time vetting every single person you talk to or chasing people that weren't qualified to begin with.

And because you were able to share something so valuable with your prospects, you're already getting one foot in the door for them to hear you out about their business opportunity.

And this is exactly how this guy was able to produce 6-figures per year in his networking business.

Because he was able to lead with solutions and promoted a system that so many networkers are desperately looking for in their business.

And because he was able to provide that for them, many of them decided to take him up on his primary business opportunity. About 934 out of 3217 people to be exact.

And as an added bonus, he was generating commissions separate from his networking business through sharing the system as well.

So what if you had a system that had the potential to create those types of results and create that type of momentum for you and your business?

What if you actually shared this same system with your serious teammates?

What if you knew that you had something that other people are out there desperately looking for and you were the one to actually provide that for them?

That sounds like a win-win scenario to me.

If the Digital Enrollment Machine sounds like a good fit for your networking business, be sure to click here for more details.

This article was published on 25.03.2021 by Kevin Williams
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