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Trongrace Dapp


*When was Trongrace launched?* 

️It was launches in September 2021.

*How much am I gonna be paid if I invest and for how long is my contract?* 

️You will be paid 300% and your contract is for 150 days(5 months). that's 200% profit plus 100% of your initial investment.

*How much is a minimum withdrawal and when can I withdraw?* 

️With Trongrace there is *NO* minimum withdrawal.You can withdraw as little as 2 Trons.You can also make your withdrawal anytime of the time and be paid instantly into your Tronlink Pro.

*Do I need to recruit in order for me to earn?* 

️ Recruiting is optional.should you decide to recruit,you will be compensated for it.The smart contract pays you 10 level deeper.

*Can I Compound?* 

️Most definitely

*How many Trons am I charged when funding my account or compounding* .

️You will be charged anything from 114 to 125 Trons depending on the market the day you join.

*What is Withdrawal fee.* 

️ Withdrawal fee is +-17 Trons.

*Can I join without a Tronlink Pro?* 

️You need a Tronlink Pro or clever wallet in order for you to be a member as this is a smart contract.every smart contract requires those wallets.

*Understanding the difference between Centralized systems and Decentralized systems*

*Centralized platforms vs Decentralized platforms* and why *Decentralised* is probably the safest system to invest in.

️Centralized systems are those platforms that have 3rd parties/CEOs running everything. These CEOs have full access to the technical part of the system 

️These CEOs have access to the funds that come in and out. Once a platform is centralized...know that all the funds contributed towards the project go straight into the CEO's personal bank account or crypto wallet. 

️Centralized hardly have any transparency because often times only the CEO is able to see how much is coming in and can control how much is going out to pay the people.

*Major risks of centralized platforms*

- Since the Ceo has full access to the technical part of the system, he can pull the plug anytime he feels he has reached his target and before you know it...the time you decide to log in to the system you will get 404 ERROR

-Since he receives money to his personal account and controls all the funds... he can get greedy when he sees that much money in his wallet therefore can decide to close shop.... anytime he feels like it

- He has access to funds right? Meaning he approves withdrawals.... when you withdraw... you are at his mercy to approve your withdrawal... which can go either way

*Decentralised systems on the other hand*

-Are not managed by anyone, including it's own software team. Everything is run by blockchain , no person has access to funds and everything is automatic 

- In Decentralized systems.... you instantly get your withdrawals without being at the mercy of anyone to approve your withdrawal

- In Decentralized systems, everything is transparent for you to see, from the money that comes in and out, to when a system was created etc

*Major risk you can encounter in Decentralized systems such is trongrace*

️Is ignoring the most safest way of making 60% monthly from your once off initial for 5months ...

This article was published on 27.10.2022 by Mpho Sibanyoni
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