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What Good Does Silver do for you

The Value of Silver

Most of the time when people think about silver they are wondering about whether or not they should be converting their paper currency into gold and silver in the form of hard assets.  I have been saving gold and silver from the folks at the International Silver Network for some time.  Their coins and specialty items are outstanding and of great value.  Contact me if that is important to you as it is to me.  Make sure you go on YouTube and look up Mike Maloney and his series of videos on the Hidden Secrets of Money for an historic approach to the coming financial crisis.  

But when you have finished thinking along financial terms, start thinking about the medicinal aspects of silver.  Ketterhealth and Associates has long been aware of nutritionals and minerals that are important for your health.  Believe it or not, SILVER is one of those minerals.  

There is a preparation called Silvadine Cream which is Silver coloidal suspension in a hydrocortisone based cream that has been used for over one hundred years for it's healing and antiseptic properties.  It has more recently been recognized when taken as a healthy supplement.

The way it is used is simple.  One places 10 drops under the tongue once daily.  The particles of silver are very small on the order of 50 parts per million.  This is a 100% natural product and a form of it can be found at your local drug store.  Silver in small amounts supercharges your immune system which then allows your body's own natural defense system to work more efficiently.  Thus there is a more natural and healthy state from which to continue a lifestyle along with sleep, exercise, and nutrition.  It can be taken by both adults and children

Another Opportunity to Help People

In addition to providing a vehicle for immune system boosting, you can also give your own financial system a boost with recommending it to others.  This is the only product sold through a marketing system which allows you to benefit after only one small purchase of one bottle.  Of course their is more that can be made available and you should read the compensation plan on this page.  If you check it out, sign up not as a customer, because their isn't any benefit to you financially, but sign up as a member and check out a great compensation plan that is built as a 5 X 5 forced matrix .  Here is a link for that information:  Magic 10 Silver

This article was published on 17.01.2016 by Donald Ketterhagen
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