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What a butterfly can teach you about success

I got a good response from my latest survey.

I asked people on my list where they are in their journey for online success.

Lots of them are just starting out.

There was a common theme.

"I have no money" and "I need money" were 2 of the top things holding them back.

But is it really lack of resources... or a lack of resourcefulness?

Reading the responses reminded me of a story I heard...

It took place long ago in China.

One day on his way home from school, a small boy stopped by his grandfather's house.

As usual, his grandpa was sitting on a stool in his back yard, drinking his morning tea.

As he sat down to talk, the boy noticed a cocoon on a twig in the bush in front of them.

He could see whatever was inside struggling to get out.

He asked if he could take it home so he could watch the butterfly come out.

His grandfather told him it wasn't a good idea... that he should leave the cocoon alone and let nature take it's course.

But the boy was persistent.

He begged until finally he got his wish.

Before he left his grandfather told him "Be sure you do not help the butterfly escape his cocoon." 

The boy promised, and hurried home to watch the miracle.

After an hour had passed, the butterfly had made no progress.

It frantically clawed at the cocoon and beat against it with his wings with no effect.

The boy got impatient, and decided to help the butterfly.

He carefully peeled back part of the cocoon to let the butterfly escape.

Once free, the butterfly stretched his wings and took flight.

It only flew halfway across the yard before it fell to the ground, exhausted.

In a few minutes, the butterfly died.

The next day, he told his grandfather what happened.

His grandfather said, "Because you helped him, the butterfly didn't gain the strength he needed to survive outside the cocoon. You thought you were helping him, so you can be forgiven. But understand that what you did wasn't help to the butterfly. You robbed him of his right to struggle and succeed on his own."

All living things are the same.

If those who want to start a business want help, it's because they don't know it'll do them more harm than good.

Maybe it's a struggle to come up with the money you need to get started.

But that struggle is critical to your business survival.

It's the first of many obstacles to overcome.

If you fail the first obstacle, you'll never get started.

Don't wait around for someone to show you the way.

Make your own way.

When you're committed to making your escape...

Get started here

This article was published on 12.03.2018 by Dave Kotecki
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