Facebook Does Not Pay You To Be Active But This Does.

Almost everyone who uses internet atleast has a facebook account. Facebook is huge and without it people would still find it hard to find one another and do what matters to them, socialize. But what if I told you that there is a site just like Facebook that lets you do the things you do and it pays you to do them. Its free to join and pays you to be active.

The day i stumbled on this site i knew that I hit a goldmine. The site gets it money to pay you from advertisers who need your social engagement to display their offers. The site pays 95% of its earnings to us. We just visit the site daily and do the things we do on Facebook or Twitter and get paid. How good is that? You may not believe me when i tell you this. It is real and you will see.

One of the best attributes i get from it is you can become a city tycoon. What this means is that you can buy a city from your country and own all the members from that city who will be paying you some taxes from their earnings..This is just one way of adding on your daily earnings.

They also have a lucrative affiliate program and pay high amounts. Members earn gold coins which can be converted to Paypal or Skrill cash. If you manage to log in daily, they have a daily jackpot program and pay anyone in random who was online at the time of the draw. If you were not online and it was you, the money is returned to the account for the next day draw..this is awesome.

This site has places for members to write their blogs, open channels, upload Youtube videos, pictures etc. You can also buy another country city and become a tycoon and own all the members in that city. Like I said, they pay you taxes on their earnings as long as you are a tycoon of that city. Did I mention that all this is for free? Yes you heard me right..absolutely free.

We are living in difficult times and people have lost jobs and most have a lot of free time. This is the time to get paid to do the things you do daily on social media for free. So use your time well and earn while having fun too. Tell others about it and make them earn too while having time..this is really Covid free business and can make you money anytime you want. Just engage and make money..its as simple as that.

How many times do you look for work from home opportunities only to find that you have to purchase something? This is free..just engage and use your time having fun on social media just the way you do it daily.

If you want to get paid like me and others daily for having fun on social media, join for free today below with this link and start getting paid immediately and daily. 

Start here below.


This article was published on 24.08.2020 by Polepole Rushitana
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