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Amazing Health & Amazing Opportunity - Introducing HQO

Hello & How Do You Do?

Thanks for taking a moment and reading my business announcement today. Have you been looking for a way to make additional income that is very profitable? Do you or anyone you know suffer from loads of stress and constant financial worries? Maybe you're looking for an extra income stream that doesn't interfere with what your currently doing?

Q Sciences has won a few awards this year, one of which stated we are the number one fastest growing companies in Utah. "The Best of Pleasant Grove" award in the health and personal care industry. 

We believe in doing the right things for the right reasons. We help thousands of people change their lives everyday. We were the first to market in the mood and brain health industry. There has been 5 million bottles sold of our flagship product Q96, now we have the top of the line ultimate alkaline ionized water machine, created with NASA technology and a solid build.

My team and I are on a mission to change peoples health and lifestyle by offering them proven products and coaching them to better health. Our new water device is just as exciting as our flagship product and I am very excited to introduce it to you. HQO balances your body's pH with alkaline-rich minerals, provides powerful antioxidant potential, and maximizes hydration at the cellular level. All of which keeps your body healthy. If you've been trying to figure out a way to rid of the chemicals in your home, such as windex, lysol, Fantastic etc these toxic substances are poisonous for your family and your pets, the HQO can replace this. Some machines offer the same benefits but those machines use a chemical solution that converts acidic water to bleach and that is no go for your home either. The HQO technology uses salt that you can pick up from your local health food store. 

Did you know that on average Americans spend almost $3000 annually on bottled water? These bottles are not only bottled tap water, but the chemicals in the plastic get released into the water which in turn enters your body causing more acidity and toxic build up...

How about all the pesticides and toxic wax sprayed on your vegetables? Did you know that tap or filtered water doesn't have the ability to remove these substances from your fruits and vegetables? Instead of spending money on the pre wash soaps for your fruits and veggies that also contain chemicals, the HQO can remove this for you.

Reverse Osmosis water takes all the good and bad out of the water and are the only known machines to remove fluoride from your tap water. HQO is the first alkaline ionizer that has a specific filter that can remove the fluoride as well as chlorine and other toxic contaminates and still benefit from the full effects of alkaline ionized water. This filter is a separate purchase with double the life of our already powerful filtration system. 

How about better absorption of your medications or supplements? How about swishing some water in your mouth if you feel a cold or flu coming on and kill it on the spot? What about being able to kill the most dangerous germs and bacteria around your home? Staph, Strep, Ecoli, Salmonella, etc... What if you can help your body shed those extra pounds you just can't shake? There are so many benefits to this machine its amazing. 

More to come soon, connect with me if you'd like to purchase one today or better yet to see if our opportunity is right for you...


This article was published on 04.12.2015 by Anna Junker
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