This is an online business that you can do and make your millions.

There is an online business that you can do and make your millions 

The name of the business is networking

The name of the company is GLOBAL HELPERS ALLIANCE

 And this is how it works....

All that you are to do is

1. Register with $5

2. Get 2 people to register under you

3. Encourage your two to get their 2 each

4. Help the duplicating process of 1 person bring 2 to continue and you get the following:

Stage 1 (Feeder) : 6 people

Payout : 0

Incentive: nil

Stage 2 :64 People that finish feeder 

Payout : $305

Incentive: lenovo laptop

Stage 3: 64 People that finish stage 2

Payout: $14200

Incentive: a flat screen TV

 A brand new car (kia Rio)

Stage 4 : 14 people that finish stage 3

Payout: US $ 41000

Incentive: A Hyndai jeep

For more details contact me via my e-mail: or call +2347032240039. you can also visit :

Please take note:

GHA Membership is a onetime donation of N1,000 ($5).

After this donation, you'll be registered. You'll then have one GHA account (with inbuilt eWallet).

With this one account, you're to invite two people, who in turn will invite two people, and so on...

However, GHA allows one person to have more than one accounts (multiple accounts)

If you have the capacity to invite more than two people, you can choose to go for multiple account registrations.

1 account = N1,000 ($5)

3 accounts = N3,000 ($15)

7 accounts = N7,000 ($35)

15 accounts = N15,000 ($75)

31 accounts = N31,000 ($155)

Depending on your financial capacity also, you can choose the number of accounts you wish to have with GHA.

Multiple accounts = multiple responsibilities

And multiple accounts = multiple earnings.

With 1 account, you'll have.. 

:1 Tablet Phone after stage two,

:1  Car after stage three and 

:1 Jeep after stage 4.

But With 7 accounts, you'll have.. 

:7 Tablet Phone after stage two,

:7  cars after stage three and 

:7  Jeep after stage 4.

Similarly, with 15/31 accounts, every reward is in 15/31 places.

I  encourage my prospects to have at least 3 accounts, depending on their take for it.

It's GOOD with a single account, but it is best with multiple accounts.


This is how your matrix moves from registration point.  If you register 1 account, you starts from stage 1 level 1 and you'll need six more persons to fill your 2 X 2 Matrix to move to stage 2, level 0 If you registers 3 accounts, you will be on stage 1, level 1 and will need 4 more people to register under you, to move to stage 2 level 0

 When you register 7 accounts, your first accounts moves to stage 2 level 0 and when you are able to register 6 more people under you, your first account would have be earning and other 6 will join you in stage 2, thereby making your matrix moves faster than imagined.

 You are welcome to make your choice.

This article was published on 11.07.2016 by Apiafi Emmanuel Junior
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